Sunday, January 18, 2015

Give A Doggy A Bone Review

Give A Doggy A Bone Review
My three dogs that are now almost a year old ): have been enjoying their treats that Give A Doggy A Bone sent over for them to try out. Every day when we come back in from our walks they run right to the treat cabinet where they know we keep them. Their favorite so far is the Death by Peamutt Butter Variety Pack (which cost $4.99 on their website), now if you have ever ordered from Give A Doggy A Bone before then you know this is labeled for "Big Dog's" on their website but that doesn't stop my 3 little pups that are 17 pounds, 19 pounds and even my 8 pound dog from enjoying them, all you have to do is cut one of the bones in half and I promise you wont even see your dog until he has nothing but crumbs left (: If you don't believe me take a look at this picture of my dog Maddie eating them up.
As you can see she took her treat to my bed(like she always does lol) and would NOT take her mouth off of it until it was gone, same goes for my other two pups.
If you were wondering which treat this was exactly it's their 1 Dozen Variety Pack which you can buy directly from Give A Doggy A Bone for only $8.99. I could believe these adorable treats actually cost less than the one's I usually buy for them plus they seem to love them 10x's more. But not only do they offer yummy treats for your pup at an incredible price but they also list the ingredients right there next to the picture where you can see, no more worrying about what your dog might be eating, this time you will actually know for sure. For example these treats are made with 10 simple ingredients that consist of Whole wheat flour, chicken base, chicken, cornmeal, eggs, oil, milk, food coloring, royal icing, sprinkles... How amazing is that? I know I wouldn't want to eat something that was bad for me and I wouldn't want my pups to either, I'm sure all animal lovers feel this way. So next time you are shopping around for your furry friend's treats stop and think " Where is the best place I can go where I know I am getting exactly what I want for a great price?" Your answer will be Give A Doggy A Bone.
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