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Couture Tee Company Review

Couture Tee Company Review
Have you ever heard of a company called Couture Tee? If not, you have seriously been missing out big time! They are a company that offers a huge line of T-Shirts and long sleeve shirts with the most adorable designs I have ever seen in my life. You know when you go to a small boutique and you see that one of a kind design on a shirt and you think "I have to have this" but then you look at the price and put it back down, Well with Couture Tee's you will be able to find that one of a kind design for a price you can actually afford. They offers everything from Elephant designs to Inspiration designs to Teams and just so much more but even though they do offer so many designs that isn't what makes them special it's the fact that their shirts are very high quality shirts that are super soft and you know are going to last you a very long time. If you look below I will show you the shirts that I got to try out...
Sizes: S-XXXL
Prices: 17.99-19.99

Sizes: S-XXL
Price: 23.99-25.99

Sizes: S-XXL
Price: 23.99-25.99
Out of all three of these shirts I would have to say that the Breast Cancer shirt is my favorite, not only is it the perfect match for the month of October but it is the perfect thickness that keeps me comfortable and cozy all day long. Now just look at the Bow Anchor shirt and tell me that is the perfect color green for the Fall season and with the bow and Anchor on the back it is a must have for both women and men... For example both myself and my mom have the same shirt and we both LOVE it and wear it at least once a week. Now last but defiantly not least the Elephant shirt, it's not you typical elephant just look at the different colors and shapes threw out the elephant that fit together so perfectly but at the same time makes it pop. So now that you have seen a couple of their shirts which one is your favorite? Don't forget to comment below because I would love to know.
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Ellembee Review & GIVEAWAY

Ellembee Review
Since it is almost Winter again we all knows what that means time to go do that Holiday shopping we've all been dreading for months, well at least I know I have. I mean long lines, fighting to get to that one perfect item before everyone else but worst of all those prices, but what if I said you could get all your shopping done in one place from the coziness of your own home " No way " you might say but with Ellembee it is true. They offer a long line of designer clothes and jewelry for both women and baby's and best of all they have affordable prices to fit anyone's budget. For example I received their Poppies Hoodie and their Fluffy Plum Sweatshirt and each of those items are under 75$, how amazing is that? I know I cant remember the last time I actually found a durable and great quality jacket for under 100$. If you look below I will show you some pictures of the clothes I received...
Comes in colors: Oatmeal and Indigo
Sizes: S-XL
Price: 44$
Information: This sweatshirt is so super soft and comfy, it's making me really excited for the chilly weather to get here! I've screenprinted the feather design using a warm gray ink. It has a kangaroo pocket in front, and a raw edge along the neckline that won't frey. The fabric has a bit of a heathered look. We've pulled it a bit off the shoulder and paired it with a tank underneath (not included). Like all of my shirts, it's machine washable. 

Comes in colors: Grey and White
Sizes: S-XL
Price: 70$
Information: Here is another one of these great hoodies! You will never want to take it off. It has the thumb holes, which we love, and it zips up higher on the neck. It is great to just throw on or wear to yoga and the gym! It's made from a super thick and comfy fabric, made of 60% cotton, 40% polyester.
So now that you've seen just how adorable and cheap Ellembee's clothes are there is just one question left, which items are you going to order first? My personal favorite has to be the Poppies Jacket it is extremely soft and comfortable, I have worn it almost everyday since it arrived and I'm still loving it, in fact it's shade of grey that goes perfect with any style or color of jeans. I will defiantly be heading back over to their website to pick me up a couple more shirts and jackets for Winter since it's already in the 40's ): Burrrrr! So let me know in the comments below what you think about Ellembee.
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Monday, October 13, 2014

Belle Aglaia Review

Belle Aglaia Review
Okay, so today I will be telling you about a company called Belle Aglaia and the first thing I am going to tell you is they are a company that offers everything you could ever need involving the skin and body but the best part is everything they offer is completely organic. Why is everything organic you may ask well it's because Belle Aglaia believes "If you can't put it on your tongue, don't put it on your skin." Which in my opinion is the way every skin care/beauty company should be, why are we putting all the chemicals on our skins when we have the option to choose a better brand such as Belle Aglaia. Ever since I started using my Facial Scrub with the Hand & Body Lotion on top I have noticed my skin feeling more soft and beautiful than it ever has before but not only has it made my skin baby soft it has helped cut down on my breakouts. I would highly recommend this combination of products to anyone out there that is dealing with the same problems.

Lip Balm Variety 3  Pack - $7.50
1 Green Tea Lip Balm
1 Hibiscus Lavender Lip Balm
1 Orange Lip Balm
Our Organic Orange Lip Balm is a boost of antioxidants and a blend of organic herbs and oils. It has a sweet zesty smell of orange. It’s great for tough weather, winters and dry seasons, or an everyday lip moisturizer. It contains no chemicals or dyes.

Organic Youth Hand & Body Lotion - $9.95
Lavender - anise scent. Packed with antioxidants, this lotion combines the many benefits natural and organic ingredients including aloe vera, lemon, lime, apple, cucumber, chamomile, shea butter, argan oil, green tea, vitamin E, C and others. It contains no parabens, no dyes, or other toxic chemicals.  Use daily to nourish, moisturize and help maintain a healthy and youthful skin. Works best for dry and normal skin types.
Timeless Thyme Hand & Body Lotion - $9.95
Light sweet citrus scent.  Packed with antioxidants, this lotion is a wonder blend of natural and organic ingredients including orange, grapefruit, rosehip, thyme, vitamin E, C and others. It contains no parabens, no dyes, or other toxic chemicals.  Use daily to nourish, moisturize and help maintain a healthy and radiant skin. Works best for dry and normal skin types and eczema.

Hibiscus Shampoo - $8.95
Our Hibiscus Shampoo combines the natural benefits and a blend of herbs full of anti-oxidants, shea butter and tea tree oil. It contains no sulfates, parabens, or other toxic inredients and is ideal for all types of hair. It cleanses your hair fully, removes build up and residue, stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth.
Green Tea Shampoo - $8.95
Our Green Tea shampoo and conditioner is a wonderful blend of  green tea, lavender, argan and coconut oils, and herbs full of anti-oxidants and vitamins. It contains no sulfates, parabens, or other toxic ingredients. It is ideal for all types of hair. It’s gentle on hairs and scalp.  It helps detangle and provide volume, sheen and easy styling.
Moisturizing Body Wash With Aloe Vera And Coconut - $8.00
 Our natural, and organic body moisturizer with aloe vera and coconut oil, cleanses your skin leaving it refreshed, soft, and moisturized.  You will enjoy the delicate flowering aroma of our gardenia scent.

Organic Youth Face Cream - $21.00
Works best for normal to dry skin types. Light lavender - vanilla scent. Packed with antioxidants, this ageless face cream is a blend of natural and organic ingredients including aloe vera, shea butter, argan oil, green tea, lemon, vitamin E, C and others. It contains no parabens, no dyes, or other toxic chemicals.  It works great on fine lines and wrinkles and helps nourish and maintain a healthy and youthful skin. Use as night cream or daytime with sunscreen.
As you can see Belle Aglaia offers many different types of products at a reasonable price. Out of all of them I would have to say that my favorite was the Tea Tree Shampoo, it left my hair feeling extremely soft and shiny and is perfect for people with oily hair because it cuts down on the oil tremendously. I hope that you will head on over to and pick out some products for you and your family to try, I know you will love them just as much as I do!
Use coupon code ORGANIC for 20% of your entire order!!!
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Derma e Review

Derma e Review
Today I will be sharing with you guys my experiences with Derma e, they are a company that offers any kind of skin care products you could think of but not only that everything on their website is reasonable priced for any budget you may be on. I got to review their Travel Essentials Set that is on sale right now  for $43.33 from $64.44 that is an instant $16.11 in saving. If you look below you will see everything that is included in this set.
Hydrating Facial Wipes - $7.19
These pre-moistened, ultra-soft facial wipes deliver a surge of natural hydration while lifting away makeup, oil and impurities.

Hydrating Mist With Hyaluronic Acid - $12.15
This refreshing mist instantly rehydrates dry, thirsty skin anywhere on the face and body.

Stretch Mark Crème - $17.98
This doctor-developed, intensive treatment is proven to visibly diminish the look of stretch marks, improving texture, color and overall appearance.

Soothing Eye Gel With Anti-Aging Pycnogenol - $19.50
This cooling, fragrance-free gel helps visibly diminish fine lines, crow’s feet and under eye puffiness.
Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Hand Crème - $7.19
Instantly replenish extremely dry, over-worked, weather worn hands.

Skin, Hair and Nail Oil - $15.50
This all-in-one body treatment absorbs easily to provide anti-aging moisture and restore your natural glow from head-to-toe.
Out of all these products I would have to say that Hydrating Facial Wipes are my favorite, I use them every night to give my face that extra boost of moisture it needs but also to take off my make-up and trust me they are amazing make-up wipes, it gets off the foundation, eye liner, mascara, everything! Then on top of using the wipes I follow up with the Skin, Hair and Nail Oil and I'm set for the night, waking up each morning with clean and beautifully soft skin. I would defiantly suggest buying the Travel Essentials Set it is a perfect set for all skin types and ages, it has changed my skin for the better and every product has worked it's way in to my skin care routine. So remember the next time your shopping for that certain someone make sure to remember Derma e, they have everything to make that special day unforgettable!
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Barielle Review - Part 2

Barielle Review - Part 2
So I hope by now all of you have read my post of the Barielle Nail Polish well today I will be sharing with you guys the Fall Collection. Before I show you the pictures of this collection I would like to tell you that this is by far my favorite collection out of all of them, each color is very unique and glides on so smoothly and on top of that the nail polish lasted on my nails ( with top coat ) for almost two weeks without chipping! Each set of nail polish includes five different colors for only $25.00 or you can choose between the hundreds of individual colors they offer for only $8.00 a bottle. Now on to the pictures...
Moda Bleu
A creamy dark navy/purple

Soho At Night
A creamy grape purple

Berry Posh
A creamy deep fuchsia

Boho Chic
A creamy deep sea green

Taupe Notch
A creamy dark taupe

Vintage Gown
 A creamy rust with a hint of pink
Out of all these colors I would have to say my that Boho Chic has to be my favorite, it is such a beautiful green that is unlike any other I have ever seen it's defiantly a color any nail polish lover needs in their collection. They come in a .45 oz. bottle that will be sure to last you a very long time. Barielle is a brand of polish that is very light feeling on your nails even after the second coat you cant even feel the polish, which is what a true nail polish lover looks for in a polish. I hope I have given you the information you needed to give Barielle a chance, I know if you try them you will never go back to another brand (:
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Merle Norman Cosmetics Review

Merle Norman Cosmetics Review
In this review I will be telling you about this unbelievably A-M-A-Z-I-N-G cosmetics company called Merle Norman. Merle Norman offers a huge line of everything to cosmetics to skincare to fragrances that will be sure to fit anyone's preference, it doesn't matter if you have dry, oily or combination skin Merle Norman has that product(s) that will fit you best. I received some of Merle Norman's cosmetics ( best know as the Fall Collection ) and I seriously can not express just how much I love every product that came, especially their Liquid LipColor, it is literally the smoothest and softest lip product I have ever tried and it's lasting period is well over anything I could ever ask for, I put it on when I left the house the other morning to go out and run some errands and when I got home later that night my lips where still creamy and beautiful. If you continue to look below I will show you a few pictures of the colors I received and you can see for yourself just how creamy they look.

Liquid LipColor
Colors: Sweet on you & At last
Description: Finally, the perfect lip color! This innovative lip product is stunning from application to finish. The ultra-plush applicator deposits just the right amount of smooth, stay-true color onto lips. Its unique whipped texture makes the product easy to apply and a multi-hydration technology system of DL Plum Oil French, which comes only from plums grown in the South-West of France, Argan Oil and Meadowestolide makes it very comfortable to wear. It also includes a lip-plumping ingredient that helps lips appear smoother (without the usual tingling feel). You’ll love the way your lips look and feel for hours! Fragrance-free. 

Pro Pen Eyeliner
Color: Sharp Black
Description: From thick to thin … from swirls to swoops, this easy-to-use liquid liner pen makes lining your eyes as simple as signing your name. Its slim felt-tipped applicator acts like a fine-point marker while its ergonomic grip lets you control the effect. The harder you press, the bolder the line it creates — so easy! Best yet, its long-wearing formula won’t smudge or budge for 14 hours! Water-resistant. Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for sensitive skin. Safe for contact lens wearers. Fragrance-free. Multi-award winning product received the Reader’s Choice 1st Place Award for Best Liquid Eyeliner and Editor’s Choice on and Editor’s Choice on!

Eye Color Quad
Limited Edition!!!
Colors: Vanilla Cream (Semi-Matte), French Tulip (Matte), Crown Pleaser (Matte) and Starry Night (Semi-Matte)

Wicked Lash Mascara
Color: Black
Description: Bigger is always better when it comes to your lashes! That’s why we gave this new mascara an oversized brush for maximum impact. It’s paired with Arch Fiber Technology to add amazing volume, length and curl. Peptides and Panthenol leave lashes conditioned and flexible. Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for contact lens wearers. Fragrance-free. Oil-free.
Anti-Blemish Foundation Primer
Color: N/A
Description: For all skin types. This undercover wonder preps skin for flawless makeup application. It invisibly creates a smooth and even surface with polymers that fill in fine lines and wrinkles, and optical diffusers that help minimize the appearance of pores. The result is a perfect canvas that allows foundation and blush to glide on effortlessly and stay in place for longer wear and truer color. Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for contact lens wearers. Oil-free. Non-acnegenic. Non-comedogenic.
Clear Lip Pencil
Color: N/A
Description: This extremely versatile and universally flattering lip pencil is designed to complement every lip shade. The silky-smooth formula features a unique blend of waxes, Aloe Vera, vitamins and emollients, which allow the liner to glide easily across lips. Its invisible protective barrier prevents lipstick or gloss from feathering, smudging or settling into fine lines. The only thing missing is color pigments, so it can work with every shade. Made in the USA. Fragrance-free. Oil-free.

Which product is your favorite?  
What I love best about the fall collection is that it will look wonderful on all ages it doesn't matter if your in high school or grown this is a must have for everyone's makeup bag. I have been wearing these colors almost everyday for about two weeks now and I've learned the Eye Color Quad with the Pro Pen Eyeliner on top is a perfect look for any outfit, for example I wear mine with both sweaters and jeans but also shorts and t-shirts (we are still getting some hot weather here in Alabama). So now that you've seen the Merle Norman Fall Collection which pieces are you going to be picking up? You can purchase Merle Norman by heading over to their website and going to the Store Locator and putting in your zip code then it will show you the closest store. To wrap things up I hope I have given you the information you needed to try Merle Norman.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fudge Urban Review

Fudge Urban Review
Up until a few weeks ago I always thought of hair styling products as coming in one scent, NASTY!! But now I've been introduced to a little company called Fudge Urban, they are a company that offers hair care/styling products for him and for her in interesting and yummy scents such as Raspberry & Vanilla, seriously you guys Urban Fudge's products smell good enough to eat, although I would advice you not to (: I got the products Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hairspray, Dry Shampoo, Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Styling Mousse and Iced Coconut Cocktail Hairspray to try out and I have never left my bathroom after styling my hair with products and been so pleased with the outcome, not only did the scent last on my hair all day long but my hair also actually stayed up in any style I decided to go with that day until I took it down.
·Anti-frizz mousse with strong hold
·Conditioning base for a smooth, sleek look
·Update your style with confidence
·Seal loose ends & protect from the heat
·Prevents dry-outs from excessive blow drying
·Hold factor = 5/10
·Spray to finished styles for a natural feel
·Control your style with anti-frizz
·Hold factor = 6/10
·Keeps your hair in place for 24 hours
·Seal loose ends & keeps your locks smooth

·Revitalises locks when you’re short on time
·Hit the roots & brush through to remove powder
·Hold Factor = 1/10
·Special micro powders get rid of dirt and oils
·Boost & refresh your style on the move

·Concentrated hairspray for maximum effect
·Spray evenly over finished style for maximum hold
·Hold factor = 9/10
·Super strong 48-hour hold
·Apply to un-styled dry hair for added texture & control

Out of all four of these products I would have to say that the Dry Shampoo worked the best for me, everyone knows I have naturally oily hair but just giving it that clean look isn't what I love about this product, I actually love the fact that is doesn't leave any of that nasty white powder behind that most dry shampoos do. After I use my dry shampoo then I alternate between the two hairsprays by which scent I am wanting for that day, both offer great stability and adds texture to my hair. And as far as the mousse goes, well it's AMAZING I don't use it much but when I do get the urge to scrunch my hair my Urban Fudge mousse gets the job done and with no trouble at all!! If you live within the USA you can find Fudge Urban products at most Targets so be sure to check yours, but if you live outside the USA be sure to check their website for the closet location to you. I hope you have enjoyed reading about Fudge Urban and I hope you enjoy their products as much as I do(:
P.S. Fudge Urban also offers hair chalk so remember that for Halloween!

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Adoree Nail Polish Review

Adoree Nail Polish Review
Ready or not here comes a new review on an amazing brand of nail polish called Adoree, and before I show you the pictures and swatches of the six colors I received I would like to take a little bit of time to tell you just how much I love Adoree. From the first stroke of the polish that I put on my nails I new it was going to be a brand that I would use forever, and not to mention the jars come in a whopping .65 oz. nail polish that will be sure to last you months depending on how much you use it.  I have seriously never in my life tried a nail polish that was so smooth and shiny going on and even after I put on the second coat there was no heaviness left on my nails that I usually get from using a second coat from other brands. Now if you look below you will see for yourself just how beautiful and shiny each color really is.
This is a beautiful glittery silver color, it gives a perfect glitter look on top of any Adoree nail polish color with just one coat or by itself with just two coats but what I really love about this polish is the glitter isn't to rough and it doesn't rub your fingers raw when trying to remove it, it simply comes off with a couple swipes with a cotton ball or remover pad. This is the color Stardust White #153

Out of all six this one was my favorite, it is a gorgeous dark blue color with a lot of shine to it. Let me tell you I am a compete nail polish junky and I have a TON of blue polishes but this is the one and only true blue color I have in my collection. This is the color Habour Blue #162

Since Halloween is coming up in a couple weeks it's time to get your costumes and accessories ready but no costume is really complete without some nails that will pop out even in the dark, that's where this orange comes in. This color is a neon orange color that is neither to dark or bright and will look perfect for any outfit you or your kids are rocking on Halloween. This is the color Neon Orange #157

When I think of a baby doll pink color this is the exact color that pops into my head, it is soft pink that will look perfect with any outfit you are wearing including workout clothes or dressing up for a night out on the town, it's all up to you. This is the color Fashion Pink #178 

This is another glittery color but instead this one is in a hard green look, I will defiantly be rocking this color on my Christmas Eve party with all my family and friends add a little bit of red with this one and you've got nails people will be talking about all year long, and it's all thanks to Adoree! This is the color Reef Green #250

This is a standard black color but what is unique about this one is the formula it's made out of, instead of drying out like most black polishes do after you pop the lid this one has stayed shiny, black and beautiful ever since I opened it and I don't see that changing for months to come. This is the color Space Black #195

Which one is your favorite??
Adoree offers hundreds of nail polish colors that range from bold colors all the way to light girly color that you cant find anywhere else, Adoree sells for $5-8 depending on where you go to buy them, I personally like to buy my nail polishes at Esther's Nail Center and the link to that website is plus they are only $5 a piece (: but don't forget you can also go to Adoree's website to look at all the wonderful colors they offer ( ).  While your there dont forget to check out their nail art pens and top coats. I hope you have enjoyed reading about Adoree and much as I enjoyed telling you about them and I hope to bring you more shades in the future.
Made in the U.S.A

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bain De Terre Review

Bain De Terre Review
It doesn't matter how old you are both men and women use hair care products but why not go above and beyond to get gorgeous looking hair with Bain De Terr. They are a company that offers hair care products for all types of hair including thickening, moisturizing, ultra hydrating plus so many more, take myself for example I received their line of Passion Flower Colored Hair products and they are fabulous, not to mention they smell like a batch of sweet fresh flowers but they have done wonders on my hair such as helping the color stay in longer, making it stronger & healthier but also it put that lack of shine back into   it. One thing that came with the products was their Color Brightening Spray and if you've read any of my other reviews then you know that when it comes to putting curls in my hair it doesn't work out so well, they always seem to fall out within 30 minutes but ever since I started using their Paraben-Free hair spray I haven't had a problem keeping luxuries bouncy curls all day and night. But wait not only can you get the basics like shampoo and conditioner but you can also find all the extras your hair needs such as detangling spray, styling oil, shine serum and more that you will have to see for yourself on their website, if you look below you will find the information and pictures on the products I have been trying out...
About the product:
Create instant shine & manageability with beautifying oils. This luscious, weightless blend increases the brilliance of color-treated hair.
Sells for $14.00 on

About the products:
Luxuriously cleanse, moisturize & preserve vibrancy of color-treated hair by over 85* while indulging in a lush, botanical scent.
Sells for $12.00 on

About the product:
Double the radiance of haircolor while lavishing in fragrant, long-lasting hold.
Sells for $16.00 on
As of today Argan Oil seems to be a big deal but it's not just for your face anymore it's also great for your hair and skin, Bain De Terre has added not only Argan Oil but also Monoi Oils to their products and yes you might be thinking two oils in one wont that make your hair oily? Absolutely not! Actually it has done quite the opposite by adding bounce and healthiness back into your hair from coloring it so much (like I do). So why not make the switch and head on over to Bain De Terre to find the products that will fit you and your family the best. Let me warn you before you head over once you see just how amazing they are for yourself you will be hooked for life, just like I am (: I hope I have opened up the door to a new hair care brand for you to try out, don't forget to comment below and let me know which products are your favorite.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Twist & Pout Review

Twist & Pout Lip Balm Review
Are you tired of digging around in the bottom of your purse for you lip balm? Wouldn't it be so much easier if it was hanging right there on the side so you could grab it with no trouble at all, well I've got some good news for you. You can now buy Twist & Pout lip balms and they clip to the outside or the inside of your bag so they will be right on hand when you need them. Not only are they extremely handy but each lip balm is made with a beautiful unique design on the outside of the container along with a gorgeous charm. I have found that during the summer my lips tend to chap a lot from using lip stick all the time, but ever since I hung my Twist & Pout Lip Balm on the side of my purse where I tend to use it so much more on top of my lip stick to leave my lips with a shiny yet soft look!
You can buy Twist & Pout lip balms at various locations, just head over to their Store Location and type in your information and it will let you know where the closest store is. Then after buy the clip the first time you can buy just the refills or a 12 pack to share with your friends and family, with so many designs to choose from I don't see anyone not loving Twist & Pout! I hope I introduced you to a new brand of lip balm and that you will give them a try.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Becky's Scarf Shop Review

Becky's Scarf Shop Review
As it gets closer to cold weather there is one thing every women starts stocking up on, SCARVES!! No matter the style or shape a warm scarf is a must have for everyone, but lets go a step further and ditch the old plain scarfs and say hello to Becky's Scarf Shop. Becky's scarves are absolutely beautiful and affordable but not only that she offers a huge range of scarfs starting from a Chevron pattern all the way to your very on monogrammed scarf, do I have your attention yet? I thought so! I don't know about you but I have always loved getting my initials put on my car, clothes even bedroom wall but one thing I've never had monogrammed is a scarf, I now know exactly what's going to be on my Christmas list.. Will Becky's scarves be on yours? I received two different scarves to try out, the first being a Grey Chevron Scarf ( my absolute favorite pattern ) and the second one being Paisley Infinity Scarf with a blue background, now everyone should know why I chose the chevron pattern but you might not know why I chose the Paisley Infinity, well it's because I wanted something that I knew would be made out of a different style of pattern and nobody else would have one exactly the same (: but there is something else that makes this scarf extra special and it is that it's made out of wrinkle resistant material and has a waffle-type texture to it, how cool is that? Even though Becky's Scarf Shop is mainly dedicated to making her one of a kind scarves she also sells many items such as embroidered purses, wristlets and belts that would be perfect for all ages of women and girls.
About the product:
Chevron infinity scarves. Made of stretchy jersey knit.
Comes in colors grey, royal blue, dark purple and yellow.
Sells on their Etsy Shop for $15.00

About the product:
Paisley infinity scarves in multicolored bright blue and multicolored orange. Tutti Fruiti.
Sells on their Etsy Shop for $15.00
I hope you will take the time to purchase one of Becky's amazing scarves, I know you will love them as much as I do!!
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Until Next Time, Jessie <3