Friday, June 12, 2015

PlumHill Review

PlumHill Soaps Review
Today I am bring you a review on some new soaps I have been trying out from PlumHill soaps. But before I get into the products I reviewed I would like to say that PlumHill is a all Natural company that thrives to bring their customers the highest quality ingredients that will leave you with softer, smoother skin. I don't know about you but when I shop for skin care I always try my best to go for the all natural brand, not only is it healthier for you and your skin but also for your body because as we all know everything we put on our skin will end up in our bodies and I don't want anything "fake" going into mine.
Now onto PlumHill's products... I got to try out four of their wonderful handmade olive oil soap bars and I have to be honest I was overjoyed with the results they gave me. I immediately noticed a change in the softness of my skin but also it has been helping me out with acne and oiliness I have on my t-zone. I use the soap bars twice daily once in the mornings when I wake up just on my face then later that night when I get a shower, I would suggest using these natural soap bars for removing makeup for two reason, the first is obvious it takes all the makeup and gunk out of those clogged pores but the second is that it allows you to rub the eye makeup off without leaving your eyes burning and raw, for me this is a huge deal due to the fact I have very sensitive skin and usually when I rub my face like that it only leaves it red and itchy but no, thanks to PlumHill that has changed!
PlumHill offers a four pack of their olive oil soaps for $22.00 or you can purchase them individually for $5.99. While you are there make sure you check out the rest of the products they offer such as bath & body, lip balms, linen sprays, ect. I know you will enjoy PlumHill as much as I do!
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