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2B Colours Review

2B Colours Review
Today I will be sharing an exciting makeup line that I am fairly new to called 2B Colours. Now they are a budget friendly beauty brand that focus on bringing bright and fun colors that everyone will be a fan of using. With over 100 products to choose from with different colors, finishes, textures and shades there will be everything you will need to get that perfect makeup look. I had the enjoyment of trying out just a few of their products such as some eye shadow, primer, mascara, concealer, lippies, and nail polish but before I get into discussing each of those I would just like to share how blown away I was with these products, seriously you guys have no idea just how amazing they are. Each product is so smooth and pigmented, nothing sinks into the skin to cause dry spots, it left me feeling beautiful and fresh all day long.
Primer / Make-up Base
The 2B Primer make-up base minimises imperfection of the skin, helps evening out your skin tone and making your make-up last longer throughout the day! Anti-age effect. Mattifying result. Apply the primer make-up base after your moisturizer, then apply your concealer, foundation or face powder. Paraben free formula.
One word comes to mind when using this "Wow". One pea size drop will do you, just warm it up and apply it to your t-zone and even checks to minimize your pores and gives a clean canvas to start your foundation. Without using a primer you are more likely to have patchy spots throughout your foundation and chance it rubbing off easier, but with this your makeup game will go strong all day.
Concealer Correcting Waterproof Stick
Hide roughness with 2B Concealer. Available in peach, sand, naturel, amande & pistache.
Available at Ulta for $7.99 
I use this concealer stick to hide all the blemishes that I am so self conscious about, I must say it does it's job very well with excellent coverage. I use just a little tab on my chin, forehead and nose where the blemishes are the worst then blend it out with a beauty blender and I am very surprised at just the right amount of coverage it offers and how well it blends into the skin and foundation.   
Blush Cheek Pop
Give your cheeks a healthy glow with 2B Colours Blush Cheeck Pop blushes.
Available at Ulta for $7.99
I have NEVER swatched a blush and had such a shocked reaction, this is seriously more pigmented than some of my higher end more expensive blushes. If you only choose one thing from this brand to try please try this one, I know you will not be disappointed!
My Eye Shadow Base
Create a dramatic look with 2B Colours My Eye Shadow Base. After applying the base it will help you achieve the ultimate colors, maximal pigmentation and perfect coverage your looking for.
Available at Ulta for $5.99
I personally still prefer applying my eye shadow primer before then add this on top blended out all over the lid, it helps bring all the colors together with that base coat giving it that extra pop of color. When using this and the face primer I know my makeup will not budge until I am ready to take it off at night. (Swatch in the picture above)
2B Colours Hydrastick take care of your lips with hydrating lip balms.
Available at Ulta for $4.99
As someone who suffers from extremely dry lips I am always looking for the best lip balm that is going to be keeping my lips moist and soft all day. This has now become my new go to lip balm due to the fact that it has just a tiny bit of color to it, this is also perfect for applying under your matte lippies to keep them from drying your lips out so bad.
Mascara Colours Make A Difference
Do you want to try something new? Do you like experimenting? Then this Mascara Colours Make the Difference is definitely something for you! This mascara is an instant volume boost for your lashes and it's available in a variety of colors.
Available for $7.99 at Ulta
I got to try out the color Fuschia for you guys and I am so surprised at just how much color this mascara offered, there was no fall out or flaking and was standing tall all day. When it comes to colored mascara it can be very tricky picking a color that will bring out your eyes, but with 2B Colours they have various shades to choose from so everyone will find that go to color.
Jeans Look Nail Polish
For every girl who has a weakness for nail polish with 'special effects' 2B Colours Jeans Look Nail Polish comes in a new bottle, more convenient nail polish brush and one layer is enough to obtain a full-color coating!
At Ulta for $3.99
Last but defiantly not least lets talk a little bit about their line of nail polish. 2B Colours offers a huge line of colors but I have to say just by looking at them the black I tried out has to be my favorite, with just two coats I had a perfect manicure with no chipping at all. This is the first polish I had ever used that has a texture to it, it really does kind of feel like your jeans do.
If I had any final words to say about 2B Colours it would be jump on over to Ulta right now to try them out. The products are out of this world amazing, prices are unbeatable and there is a perfect product and shade for every skin type. I have highly enjoyed reviewing 2B Colours for you guys and I hope to bring you more reviews from them in the future. As always if you have any questions or concerns leave a comment below and I will get back to you.
Love always,
Beauty Lies Beneath
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Monday, March 7, 2016

Model21 Eyelash Review

Model21 Eyelash Review

Hello beauties I am back with of course another beauty review, today we are going to be focusing on Model21 Eyelashes. Now let me get the big shocker out of the way first "THE PRICE", now I know when you see a price tag for under $10 for a pack of 10 falsies you are going to automatically think there going to suck, with Model21 Lashes you couldn't be more wrong, they are absolutely stunning, soft and very sturdy. I received their False Eyelashes No.2T to test out for you guys and let me say they went above and beyond with the quality of their products, I first noticed how incredibly bold and full they looked. As soon as I placed them on my eyelid I had to take a second and really look at them because they were that beautiful, I am able to wear them all day with no tugging or fall off with no problem. Before now I have always stuck to the more natural looking falsies but after trying these and seeing what a huge difference it made in the way my shadow and eyes looked I think I will stick to more dramatic looking ones.

Style 2T (New, slightly more dense) are always on our top 5 most popular false lashes. 2T are criss-cross, full and long but not over the top. Great for day into night lashes.
Price: $8.15
Available on their website

I found that with these lashes they incredibly easy to cut and shape to my eye, which is actually one of the things that makes me love these even more. Knowing I wont have to struggle and fight to get that perfect shape makes me feel 100 times better when applying them. I have a very small eyelid space so anything that makes my eyes appear fuller and bigger, well I'm all into, I highly suggest when picking lashes you consider going with these especially if you stuggle with small eyes like myself.

Please head on over to Model21 and check out their wide verity of different lashes and come back here and let me know which ones are your favorite and like always please let me know if you have any questions.

With Love,
Beauty Lies Beneath

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Friday, March 4, 2016

ESQIDO Lashes Review

ESQIDO Lashes Review
Hello beauties and welcome to a new review from ESQIDO Lashes, you've already guessed it am a little obsessed with everything beauty related and giving you guys a heads up on what's hot and what's not. Well ESQIDO Lashes is defiantly a HOT item, this is my first time trying falsies from this brand and I must say they were defiantly not disappointing. Right when I opened the mailing envelope I was immediately impressed with the quality, no not the quality of the lashes (that were spot on by the way) but, just the quality of the case that held the lashes are outstanding. I knew right away that all my expectations were going to be met just by looking at the sleek, sturdy and beautifully made case. You guys know what im talking about, how you can just hold a product and are like "YESSSS" this is a great one!

*** Just a little information***
Every pair of ESQIDO Lashes is a testament to our passion for design and fine craftsmanship.

Now lets dive on into what we all really came to see. When I first applied the lashes with the ESQIDO Eyelash Glue the first thing that popped out at me was how natural and beautiful they made my eyes look. They gave me more of an open and fuller eye that made my blue eyes stand out even more, which is always my number one priority in picking out falsies. <3 Seriously though I can not express enough just how soft and adjustable these lashes truly are, all you have to do is bend, measure and cut and you've got lashes that will blow you away.
Now after seeing these pictures and learning all about ESQIDO Lashes im sure you've clicked on over to their site and notices the price is a little steep. I know $32 sounds like a lot for one pair of lashes but no not for the highest quality that you are receiving and plus did you know you can use each pair up to 25 times before replacing them. Now which would you rather have a bunch of those cheap $1 lashes that are going to flake and fall off or a lash you know will stand tall from morning to night for almost a full month.
I really hope you have enjoyed learning about ESQIDO Lashes as much as I have. As always please comment below and let me know which lashes you've tried or been eyeing for awhile or if you have any questions!
With Love,
Jessie <3 <3 <3

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