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Bain De Terre Review

Bain De Terre Review
It doesn't matter how old you are both men and women use hair care products but why not go above and beyond to get gorgeous looking hair with Bain De Terr. They are a company that offers hair care products for all types of hair including thickening, moisturizing, ultra hydrating plus so many more, take myself for example I received their line of Passion Flower Colored Hair products and they are fabulous, not to mention they smell like a batch of sweet fresh flowers but they have done wonders on my hair such as helping the color stay in longer, making it stronger & healthier but also it put that lack of shine back into   it. One thing that came with the products was their Color Brightening Spray and if you've read any of my other reviews then you know that when it comes to putting curls in my hair it doesn't work out so well, they always seem to fall out within 30 minutes but ever since I started using their Paraben-Free hair spray I haven't had a problem keeping luxuries bouncy curls all day and night. But wait not only can you get the basics like shampoo and conditioner but you can also find all the extras your hair needs such as detangling spray, styling oil, shine serum and more that you will have to see for yourself on their website, if you look below you will find the information and pictures on the products I have been trying out...
About the product:
Create instant shine & manageability with beautifying oils. This luscious, weightless blend increases the brilliance of color-treated hair.
Sells for $14.00 on

About the products:
Luxuriously cleanse, moisturize & preserve vibrancy of color-treated hair by over 85* while indulging in a lush, botanical scent.
Sells for $12.00 on

About the product:
Double the radiance of haircolor while lavishing in fragrant, long-lasting hold.
Sells for $16.00 on
As of today Argan Oil seems to be a big deal but it's not just for your face anymore it's also great for your hair and skin, Bain De Terre has added not only Argan Oil but also Monoi Oils to their products and yes you might be thinking two oils in one wont that make your hair oily? Absolutely not! Actually it has done quite the opposite by adding bounce and healthiness back into your hair from coloring it so much (like I do). So why not make the switch and head on over to Bain De Terre to find the products that will fit you and your family the best. Let me warn you before you head over once you see just how amazing they are for yourself you will be hooked for life, just like I am (: I hope I have opened up the door to a new hair care brand for you to try out, don't forget to comment below and let me know which products are your favorite.

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