Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Is this the "Best of Beauty"

Happy Skin Korean Face Mask Review

Hey Y'all! I know its been awhile since I've been on here chatting with you guys and sharing these great products I find but no worries I am back with a ton of new reviews up my sleeve.
Today I will be talking about a new company I recently discovered called Happy Skin. Now they focus on Korean skin care in the form of sheet mask, so far they have created five different mask with many natural ingredients in each one to leave your skin feeling "Happy". You can find these sheet mask on their website with a price tag of only $10.00 for a pack of five, within that pack you can choose one of there five mask choices or a sample pack of each mask.
Keep reading for all information and a video...

Aloe Happy Skin Korean Facial Sheet
Soothe your skin! Our Happy Skin Aloe Facial mask eases the rigors of sun damage, redness, and dulled skin which needs a good drink – to have your skin left smooth, plumped, and balanced once again.

Charcoal Happy Skin Korean Facial Sheet Mask
Detoxify your skin! Our Happy Skin Charcoal Facemask is made for all the grime you face each day from pollutants, acne battles, and days when you just need a deep cleanse – and a little perk of youthfulness to your skin.

Collagen Happy Skin Korean Facial Sheet Mask
Smooth your skin! Our Happy Skin Collagen Facemask is for bringing back spring into your face from harsh weather, tiredness, and should you simply want to look refreshed – without every putting on a stitch of makeup.

Green Tea Happy Skin Korean Facial Sheet Mask
Heal your skin! Our Happy Skin Green Tea Facemask seeks to shed off seasons of sun damage, irritated skin, and days when your skin just needs to get balanced again – and let you get wrapped up in a mini spa session.

Rose Happy Skin Korean Facial Sheet Mask
Clear your skin! Our Happy Skin Rose Facemask heals the challenges that happen with acne prone, blemished, and inflamed skin when your skin needs to be soothed – and feel a little more gentle to the touch.

My Experience:
So now that you have a little information on each mask we will talk about what I think of Happy Skin. So as you've already guessed I think the price point at $2 each is absolutely amazing, especially for the quality you receive. I personally LOVE these mask, each one I've tried has left my skin feeling so refreshed, soft and all around great. When you first take them out of the package you will noticed they are heavily saturated with product so you know it is really getting in there and doing some good for your skin.  Lately I have had so many more breakouts than I did in my teens, now keep in mind I am 21, so I have had to use extreme acne products which leave my skin dry and cracking. For that reason my favorite mask is the Aloe mask because when I take this mask off all my dry skin is gone and its back to feeling soft and moisturized. I highly recommend these mask and this company for any skin types and any age range. I will be continuing to use them and if you decide to don't forget to drop a comment down below and let me know how you like them. Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for new post coming all this week.

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