Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops Review!

                  Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops Review
Everybody hates having a sore throat, Don't they? Well next time you get sick or your throat is getting a little itchy pop in a couple Pine Bros. throat drop, they taste amazing and will go to work at easing the pain in just seconds. The best part is you will have three flavors to choose from such as Wild Cherry, Natural Honey and Licorice, I personally would have to say that Wild Cherry is my favorite, it has such a fresh feel to every drop. Every drop only has five calories to each drop and 0g of Total Fat. If you think these sound as amazing as they taste you have purchase them at almost any drug store, wouldn't you rather run into the drug store and pick up a bag of Pine Bros. instead of having to stand in long lines for other leading brands. This is a made in America product we all love products made from here, they have also been a company since 1870, Now that deserves some serious props. That is an outstanding job for Pine Bros. don't forget to stop by their website so you can see for yourself just how  amazing they are. Also if you stop by their Facebook page you will be able to check out all the new products and join in on the conversation, but while your there don't forget to like the page But wait they also have a twitter page so stop by it and don't forget to follow them.

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