Monday, May 26, 2014

The Honest Kitchen Review!

The Honest Kitchen Review!
Wow The Honest Kitchen Made my puppies very happy, I was lucky enough to get a box of their Smooches and a box of Force Dog Food. Though my puppies aren't quit big enough to get to try the Force dog food they absolutely love the Smooches treats they are made from Chicken and Cranberry's and each one are carved into hearts about an inch wide and tall, I have three little puppies that got to enjoy these treats Maddie, Ranger, and Shady... Shady is our littlest puppy so we have to break the treats up into basically crumbs but that doesn't stop her from eating them either. Each smooch only contains 2.3 calories, so our puppies surely enjoyed them multiple times a day. Smooches are made with human grade ingredients and have a perfect consistency of a dog biscuit, Not too hard and not too crumbly but if your like me and have to break the up small for your pup there not unbreakable. If you love your animals as much as we love ours you might want to look over their website they have puppy/dog and cat/kitten treats for  any type of animal such as Beams, Ice Pups, Zuzzles, Pecks, Quickies, Smittens, and Wishes... They also have all types of food for your animals such as Embark, Keen, Love, Preference, Thrive, Verve, and Zeal. I cant wait for my puppies to get a little older so they can enjoy their Force Dog Food I know they will love it.  
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