Monday, March 7, 2016

Model21 Eyelash Review

Model21 Eyelash Review

Hello beauties I am back with of course another beauty review, today we are going to be focusing on Model21 Eyelashes. Now let me get the big shocker out of the way first "THE PRICE", now I know when you see a price tag for under $10 for a pack of 10 falsies you are going to automatically think there going to suck, with Model21 Lashes you couldn't be more wrong, they are absolutely stunning, soft and very sturdy. I received their False Eyelashes No.2T to test out for you guys and let me say they went above and beyond with the quality of their products, I first noticed how incredibly bold and full they looked. As soon as I placed them on my eyelid I had to take a second and really look at them because they were that beautiful, I am able to wear them all day with no tugging or fall off with no problem. Before now I have always stuck to the more natural looking falsies but after trying these and seeing what a huge difference it made in the way my shadow and eyes looked I think I will stick to more dramatic looking ones.

Style 2T (New, slightly more dense) are always on our top 5 most popular false lashes. 2T are criss-cross, full and long but not over the top. Great for day into night lashes.
Price: $8.15
Available on their website

I found that with these lashes they incredibly easy to cut and shape to my eye, which is actually one of the things that makes me love these even more. Knowing I wont have to struggle and fight to get that perfect shape makes me feel 100 times better when applying them. I have a very small eyelid space so anything that makes my eyes appear fuller and bigger, well I'm all into, I highly suggest when picking lashes you consider going with these especially if you stuggle with small eyes like myself.

Please head on over to Model21 and check out their wide verity of different lashes and come back here and let me know which ones are your favorite and like always please let me know if you have any questions.

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