Friday, March 4, 2016

ESQIDO Lashes Review

ESQIDO Lashes Review
Hello beauties and welcome to a new review from ESQIDO Lashes, you've already guessed it am a little obsessed with everything beauty related and giving you guys a heads up on what's hot and what's not. Well ESQIDO Lashes is defiantly a HOT item, this is my first time trying falsies from this brand and I must say they were defiantly not disappointing. Right when I opened the mailing envelope I was immediately impressed with the quality, no not the quality of the lashes (that were spot on by the way) but, just the quality of the case that held the lashes are outstanding. I knew right away that all my expectations were going to be met just by looking at the sleek, sturdy and beautifully made case. You guys know what im talking about, how you can just hold a product and are like "YESSSS" this is a great one!

*** Just a little information***
Every pair of ESQIDO Lashes is a testament to our passion for design and fine craftsmanship.

Now lets dive on into what we all really came to see. When I first applied the lashes with the ESQIDO Eyelash Glue the first thing that popped out at me was how natural and beautiful they made my eyes look. They gave me more of an open and fuller eye that made my blue eyes stand out even more, which is always my number one priority in picking out falsies. <3 Seriously though I can not express enough just how soft and adjustable these lashes truly are, all you have to do is bend, measure and cut and you've got lashes that will blow you away.
Now after seeing these pictures and learning all about ESQIDO Lashes im sure you've clicked on over to their site and notices the price is a little steep. I know $32 sounds like a lot for one pair of lashes but no not for the highest quality that you are receiving and plus did you know you can use each pair up to 25 times before replacing them. Now which would you rather have a bunch of those cheap $1 lashes that are going to flake and fall off or a lash you know will stand tall from morning to night for almost a full month.
I really hope you have enjoyed learning about ESQIDO Lashes as much as I have. As always please comment below and let me know which lashes you've tried or been eyeing for awhile or if you have any questions!
With Love,
Jessie <3 <3 <3

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