Monday, May 29, 2017

Is This The "Best of Beauty"

Pink Powder Parlor Review

Hey Y'all! Today we are going to be talking about, well... maybe one of the best formula matte lipsticks I've ever felt from Pink Powder Parlor. From the first swipe of these lipsticks I was surprisingly impressed at how much I love these, everything from the color payoff to how comfortable they are to even the wear time was spot on. They will not dry your lips out at all, in fact they actually feel very moisturizing and will not bunch up on you when you apply a second coat, because lets be honest even if you have the worlds best matte lipstick it is still going to come off a bit in the center after you eat lunch, but that's okay because with a nice formula you can slap on a second layer and your lips will be looking great again. You will see below at how pigmented they are and yes that is with one light handed swatch, impressive right?

The Velvet Matte Lipsticks will run you $16 and come in 24 stunning shades. Now if you only stick to buying drug store lipsticks you might think $16 is a bit much for a matte lipstick but trust me when I say this lipstick is just as good as any high end lipstick that will cost as much as four of these lippies put together. Just head on over to their website Pink Powder Parlor and try out just one of their lipsticks to try and I can promise you will want every shade.

Now if matte lipsticks aren't your thing Pink Powder Parlor has some amazingly pigmented Vinyl Glosses that take lip gloss to a whole new level. These glosses have the most unique feel to them, almost like a satin with high shine, it is very hard to explain just how different these glosses feel but in the best way possible. They are not sticky or patchy but just perfection, I have found myself reaching for this gloss over any others recently and I have over 100 different lip glosses. I personally like to pair these over liquid lipstick that is much too drying or on a quick makeup day I will put it on, throw it in my purse and be done with it.
The Vinyl Gloss will cost only $12 each and come in 13 different shades and can also be found on their website.

Now that you've learned a little more about these lippies which one are you leaning toward, the Velvet Matte Lipstick or Vinyl Gloss? Either way you wont be disappointed! Please leave your comments down below letting me know which shades are your favorites and your thoughts on Pink Powder Parlor.

Love Always,
Behind the Mascara


  1. Makes me wanna try a vinyl now! Thanks!

  2. I've always liked this style of lippie - thanks for the great review!

  3. Vinyl gloss for sure. Thanks for the review!

  4. Very nice affordable lip product.