Monday, June 30, 2014

Fave Juice Review and Giveaway

Fave Juice Review and Giveaway
I don't know about you but I haven't always been one to drink a lot of juice, It just never offered the flavor I was looking for but now that iv found Fave juice me not drinking juice has completely changed. Fave juice taste like nothing iv ever tried before it offers the perfect amount of fruit not like other brands that taste to bitter or to sweet. They offer many benefits to their juices such as,
- 3 full servings of vegetables (This has NEVER been done before)
- 60 calories
- All Natural
- Very low sodium
- Bottled in the USA
- non-GMO
- No added sweeteners of any kind
Fave juice comes in a verity of three different flavors Strawberry-Banana-Kiwi, Pomegranate-Blueberry-Goji and Tangerine-Orange-Pineapple each flavor has a completely different taste to it which is what makes me love Fave, I would much rather drink Fave that has three different fruits in one bottle verses one that maybe just offers one fruit. Fave also offers more serving of vegetables serving than any other leading brand for example,
Fave- 3.0
Original V8- 2.0
Low Sodium V8- 2.0
V-Fusion- 1.0
V-Fusion Light- 0.5
V-Fusion Refreshers- 0.20-0.25
Capri Sun Super V- 0.33
Nestle- 1.0
Fruitables- 0.75
"Fruit & Veggies"- 1.0
Now wouldn't you choose the one that has the most vegetable servings in it? Fave is a perfect juice for anyone with a busy lifestyle or for moms and dads who worry about what their kids are drinking. You can find Fave at your local grocery store and fine food stores nationwide, But if they don't carry it make sure to ask about it Fave is happy to work with them!

***Now time for the GIVEAWAY, I will be giving away 3 full size bottles of Fave Juice just like in the picture above, All you have to do in enter below! Good Luck***

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  1. I currently drink V8 Fusion, and this seems like a good alternative!

  2. this seems like a very good healthy juice choice!

  3. would love to try these, I used to buy the v8 vegetables juices but the taste is just not for me