Friday, September 5, 2014

Bake It Pretty Review

Bake It Pretty Review
I recently had the opportunity to review a few products from Bake It Pretty and the first thing I'm going to be telling you guys about is their Best Ever Cupcake Icing Kit, It contains, Round Tip, Star Tip, Closed Star Tip, French Tip, Super Star Tip and One 16" pastry bag made of lightweight, double-coated polyurethane with a reinforced bottom, stitched border and hanging loop.  Reusable - will last many years with proper care. With this icing kit I was able to make beautiful cupcakes with no trouble at all and let me tell you I'm not good in the kitchen at all, and these came out perfect on my first try.  I made vanilla cupcakes with a home made butter cream icing, once I made the icing I separated it into 3 bowls and added food coloring to each bowl then once it was mixed together I added it into my icing bag then used the star tip to put it on. You can make beautiful cupcakes of your own by buying the Best Ever Cupcake Icing Kit for only $19.95. This would be the perfect gift for any occasion and for all ages it doesn't matter if your a professional or just starting out baking, this is a must have for the kitchen.
Not only did I receive the icing kit but I also got 4 different designed cupcake liners in the designs Vintage Pink Foil, Pumpkin Orange Country Plaid, Vintage Blue Polka Dot and  Dark Chocolate Brown, Each one of them were designed so beautifully and sturdy to hold up any size cupcake your making. These cupcake liners sells anywhere from $3.25 - 8.50 plus they have many designs to choose from, it doesn't matter if your making cupcakes for a certain holiday or for your family they will have the perfect liner to bring your cupcake to life, each set comes with approximately 30 liners. I will always and forever be a continued customer for Bake It Pretty, but the more important question is will you?

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