Friday, September 19, 2014

Beessential Review

Beessential review
I've recently discovered some amazing skincare products that I know all of you are going to love they are from Beessential , they are a company that sells everything from body creams, soaps to body wash. I tried out their lip balm, body cream, bar soap and body wash and everyone of those products were outstanding especially the bar soap, it left my body feeling extremely clean and soft plus it had a very clean smell to it that left my entire bathroom smelling great when I got out of the shower. Although I loved all the products I think everyone out there needs to try their lip balms at least once because once you do you'll be hooked, they make your lips feel so moist I've never tried any other brand that worked as well as Beessential Now that brings us to the body cream and body wash, the perfect combination in my opinion because once you use your body wash in the shower then put on your body cream you are going to feel like a million bucks, I like to put mine on my legs after I shave it takes care of all that dry skin caused from shaving. I hope you all will head on over to Beessential and give them a try!!
About the products:
Lip Balm: Lemon and lavender, oh my! Meet our most recent duo of natural lip care flavors. Beessential's best lip balm blends harmonious herbal Lavender with fresh Lemon for a moisturizing formula that replenishes and heals naturally. Beeswax and Propolis coat lips with a hydrating, antioxidant-rich layer of protection, while nourishing ingredients like Shea and Cupuacu butters create lips that feel supple, soft and healthy for hours.
Body Cream: Sleep easy with this Natural Lavender and Bergamot Body Cream. Blends skin-smoothing Cupuacu and Shea Butters. Coconut Oil improves tone and elactisity, while moisturizers like Honey, Propolis and Beeswax provide intense hydration and healing.
Body Wash: Calming and harmonious, Beessential's luxurious Lavender Shower Gel with Bergamot makes every shower relaxing. Whether you're winding down for the day, or starting it off on a peaceful note, our all-natural Lavender Shower Gel sets the mood with the luscious scent of lavender mixed with a citrus hint of bergamot. Coconut, olive and hemp oils nourish and cleanse skin while healing aloe and honey restore moisture and elasticity. With a rich lather, and natural goodness you can feel, our soothing Lavender Shower Gel will be an unforgettable part of the day.
Soap Bar: Relax, take a deep breath, and revel in the natural intoxicating essence of this Lavender Handmade Soap. Beessential's delightful marble bar is blended with swirls of honey and essential oils to create a gentle cleanser that restores and hydrates skin as you wash. Nourishing olive, coconut, palm and avocado oils are combined with beeswax for a unique bar soap that delivers unbeatable moisture. Meditate on this botanical treasure the next time you shower. Let our replenishing, creamy lather quench your skin and your senses. An SLS, Paraben Free Lavender Handmade Soap.
You can buy these products on their website at a very reasonable price!
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