Monday, September 15, 2014

Barielle Review

Barielle Review
What women doesn't love going to the nail salon and getting their nails done, I know I do but I also know how expensive it can get. That's why I stick to doing my own nails at home, like most people do, so today I will be telling you guys about this AMAZING company that sent me a nail polish collection to review. The company is called Barielle and the color set I received was Brilliant Colors, let me start off by telling you that there wasn't a single color in the collection that I didn't like, they were all so bright and beautiful, perfect for Summer! The set included five shades and for only $25 that's only $5 a piece which is so much cheaper than most polish you find at the store. If you ask me I would tell you to choose between the 23 color collections they have so you can save a little money versus buying them in singles for $8 a piece but hey if you just need a single color for a certain occasion go ahead and buy it trust me you wont be sorry, you are going to love the creamy formula it makes the polish so easy to apply. You wont ever find another polish as great and long lasting as Barielle!!
I applied two coats of nail polish for each color except for the Head Of The Class Green which only took one coat, that's right I got that very gorgeous green look with only one coat. On top of trying out Barielle's nail polish they let me try out their No Chip Speed Dry Top Coat, And yes I will admit I love painting my nails but when it comes to letting them dry I just cant wait that long I always end up bumping them against something and messing them up but thanks to Barielle's top coat that's not a problem anymore, I am being completely honest when I tell you it took me about 5 minutes to get this beautiful look and that's with them being completely dry. If your like me and hate the waiting or maybe you just don't have time to wait than this is the perfect top coat for you plus they last up to a week without even starting to chip (: So go ahead over to their website and start looking around at all their products, I know you wont leave without buying something!
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