Monday, September 15, 2014

Dude Review

Dude Review
This review is for the men.
There is nothing worse than feeling dirty in the downstairs area and for men it's different they are always outside working on cars or in the yard so they cant just jump in the shower to get clean, but that's when Dude wipes come in, they are a moist wipe that are designed to freshen up your butt after using the bathroom. I asked my fiancé how he liked them and he replied with " I Love Them" he said it feels like you just took an hour shower but without the shower part lol and the freshness last all day and night. Dude wipes come in a pack of 48 wipes or a box of 30 single wrapped wipes, that are perfect for keeping in your pocket, car and even wallet. Plus not only can you use them to clean down there but you can also use them for hands, face and pitts, perfect for when your outside sweating and need to cool off a little. So next time your not feeling fresh add a dude wipe and become the king of your throne!
Box of 30
Sells for $10.99

Pack of 48
Sells for $6.99
* Breaks apart when you flush them
* Vitamin E & Soothing Aloe
* Alcohol free & quick drying
* Tested by scientist and doctor dudes
* Flush 'em anywhere
You can purchase Dude products on their website , online at , Walgreens , and Bass Pro or you can check at your local Kroger, Bass Pro, Woodman's Market and more... 

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