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Del Real "Party in a Box" Review/Giveaway

Del Real "Party in a Box" Review/Giveaway
Okay, let's be honest... It can get hard to prepare a delicious yet healthy meal every night, sure sometimes you run through a drive threw to get dinner and then you look at the calories and fat on the back of the package and think "WOW am I really putting this in my body." But I have the perfect solution for those busy days where you cant spend hours cooking a meal and that solution is called Del Real Foods. They are a company that offers Mexican based foods that are delicious and yet healthy at the same time. But wait if you don't believe me take a moment to read this article about Del Real and you will see exactly how much they care for the ingredients that go in their foods.
About Del Real Foods:
 Founded in 2003 and headquartered in California, Del Real Foods is a family business committed to preserving the rich gastronomy and traditions of Central Mexico. Designed to satisfy all palates and promote healthy eating, Del Real Foods refrigerated products offer authentic taste, using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients and cooked with traditional methods for an enhanced dining experience among family and friends.

Del Real Foods refrigerated products include carnitas, barbacoa, tamales, seasoned shredded beef, shredded chicken and more.

Del Real Foods products are based on the following pillars:
·       Authenticity: the family strives to create deliciously simple products based on traditional recipes infused with Mexican culture and bold colors. Prepared in an industrial, home kitchen, the products will provide comfort and familiarity.
·       Healthy People: cooked with a safe open-kettle method, the products are made with the freshest, ingredients, most of which are locally sourced. Once prepared, they are ready to enjoy. The products are also gluten free and do not contain any trans fats.
·       Healthy planet and better communities: the company has adopted sustainable initiatives including wastewater management and recycling to help the environment. Del Real Foods has also sponsored local sporting events and made donations to local communities to contribute to their improvement.
I received an assortment of products from Del Real Foods to share with y'all which included...
Arroz Rice with Vegetables.
Description: Arroz Mexicano packs a punch of flavor that can’t be beat, and it all starts with great ingredients. Our traditional Mexican long grain rice is simmered to perfection in a delicious tomato bouillon. It is then combined with fresh cooked corn, carrots and peas. The combination of rice and vegetables creates an exquisite texture that is matched perfectly to the powerful flavor of this fun and easy dish. Mexican rice is great as an easy-to-prepare side dish or it can be incorporated in other dishes, like our very own chicken barbacoa burrito.
Shredded Chicken
Description: A staple in traditional Mexican cuisine, our shredded chicken is made with 100% chicken breast. Following our family recipe, we fully cook this mouth-watering chicken in its own juices and season it lightly with a traditional blend of spices, making it easy to combine with many other dishes. Using our delicious shredded chicken makes dinner preparation a breeze. With this easy heat-and-serve ingredient you can quickly and conveniently prepare a fantastic meal for family and friends without the hassle of spending hours in the kitchen. Add this flavorful and juicy meat to tacos and burritos or create your own family-favorite recipe.
Sweet Corn Tamales
Description: Following our traditional family recipe, Del Real Foods sweet corn tamales are prepared with only the most delicious and authentic ingredients. Wrapped in cornhusks to preserve the delicious flavor and texture, our masa is always soft and moist. The delicious sweet corn filling is seasoned in a rich sauce that has been perfected by generations. Tamales usually take a skilled hand and hours to prepare, but with Del Real Foods you can have the authentic taste of Mexican tamales ready for your customers any time they want. This easy heat-and-serve dish makes a wonderful entrée, but can also be served as a side dish or appetizer.
Pollo Asado
Description: Del Real Foods’ Pollo Asado is as flavorful as it is versatile. The grilled chicken is seasoned with a traditional blend of spices and marinated in a zesty citrus blend before being cooked to perfection. Our Pollo Asado is delivered to your kitchen in 6 to 8 ounce portions that can be sliced, diced or served as an entrée. This flavorful food makes dinner preparation a breeze and it can be included in everything from tacos and burritos to salads and teriyaki bowls. Use it with other delicious Del Real cuisine or experiment with other recipes to find your family’s favorite.


Description: Barbacoa is more than a meal. When your family and friends gather around this dish at the table, it will become part of a family tradition, just as it has in ours. Made with 100% Choice Beef or better, this Mexican-style beef pot roast is simmered in a delicious and hearty tomato and chili sauce. It has an authentic and traditional Mexican flavor, but is mild enough for the whole family to enjoy. Savor this entrée along side our delicious Arroz Mexicano and seasoned Frijoles Negros, or use it as a standout ingredient in burritos, tacos, enchiladas and salads. Top it with onions and cilantro when you’re looking for a traditional taste, or find your own favorite flavors to add to it.
Plus I also received their Pupusas, Water Bottle, Rolling Cooler and a very adorable Donkey. But the best part is my readers will receive the exactly same thing, isn't that exciting! So if you want a chance at winning some products from Del Real Foods all you have to do is enter below.
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  1. I like the tamales. We steam them in our rice cooker.

  2. I like the Shredded Chicken because you can use it so many ways.

  3. I love the shredded chicken but I know my husband would love the Beef Pot Roast.

  4. I would love the Arroz Rice with Vegetables! Thanks for the chance!

  5. I'd like to try the gluten free ran hero beans and the shredded chicken. My family eats a lot of chicken.

  6. Thanks again for selecting me as the winner.