Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lip Ink Review

Lip Ink Review
Are you tired of getting all dressed up for that special night on the town and by the time you get dressed and do your makeup your lipstick is practically gone? I know this happens to me every time so I have been searching for a safe alternative to lip stick and after a long search I have finally found the solution with Lip Ink. With Lip Ink I have more beautiful and longer lasting lip color than ever before and it's all because they offer a 100% smearproof formula that is guaranteed to give you that perfect color you've always been searching for.
 I received the Lip Ink color Coral #6 and it is absolutely perfect for me, as you can see it's one of those Corals that is not to dark but at the same time it's not to light I would say it's actually that certain color I've always been looking for but couldn't ever find. I have been wearing mine for almost two weeks now and if there is one thing I've learned is that it looks perfect for any makeup look I am trying out that day. But Hey, if Coral is not the color you are looking for it's okay because Lip Ink has a HUGE selection of colors to choose from.
You can purchase the Trial Size Lip Stain Kit on their website for only $16.50, and trust me that is not a bad price at all in fact it's actually a bargain because the trial size tube contains a lot of ink that will last you a very long time. And don't forget while your on their website be sure to check out their selection of smear proof eyes and moisturizers. I hope you will give Lip Ink a chance I know once you do you will be just as amazed as I was! (:
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