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Sage & Harper Review

Sage & Harper Review
If there is one certain type of bag that always grabs my attention it is a Cross Body Bog, but I have always been one to buy cheaper bags because most of the Cross Body Bags come with Velcro to fasten it and lets be honest they always end up getting stuck to the fabric to the other side and eventually ripping a hole in the bag. Up until I tried Sage & Harper I thought all bags where made like that but they have opened my eyes to a brand new version of a Cross Body Bag that wont rip and will give you the sturdiness you've always been looking for. Sage & Harper offers a huge selection of beautifully designed bags that has up to 8 pockets ( 3 on the outside ) and ( five on the inside ) that is sure to keep all your stuff organized for easy access, that's right no more digging around in the dark looking for your keys they will be right there in the front pocket when you need them. I would especially recommend these bags for a mom, with all the pockets you can keep both yours and your kids stuff in there and still have room if you find something you forgot to add in. I received the Leather Flap Bag and if you look below you will find out just how beautiful they are.
Description: Dimensions: approx 12 inches wide, 10 inches tall, strap length 46 inches. 3 Exterior pockets/5 interior pockets (one of which holds cell phone)
Price: $72.00

As you can see the quality of this bag exceptional, every inch of it is made with unique fabric that is extremely thick and will last you for years to come. Just take a moment to actually look at the design of this bag, on the front you have a beautiful pink/red diamond look to it, with a baby blue flap and orange polka dots on the strap and on the inside... now when you think of all these colors and shapes on the same bag you think its going to look tacky but as you can see Sage & Harper did a wonderful job on making this a gorgeous one of a kind bag that anyone would be proud to carry. Since Christmas is right around the corner this would be the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, I know ever since I've been carrying this bag I have had at least one person everyday ask me where I got it, so be prepared when you purchase your bag you will have people stopping you to ask you the same thing (: I hope I have introduced you to a new brand of bags and I know you will be just as happy with yours as I am with mine!
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