Sunday, October 5, 2014

Adoree Nail Polish Review

Adoree Nail Polish Review
Ready or not here comes a new review on an amazing brand of nail polish called Adoree, and before I show you the pictures and swatches of the six colors I received I would like to take a little bit of time to tell you just how much I love Adoree. From the first stroke of the polish that I put on my nails I new it was going to be a brand that I would use forever, and not to mention the jars come in a whopping .65 oz. nail polish that will be sure to last you months depending on how much you use it.  I have seriously never in my life tried a nail polish that was so smooth and shiny going on and even after I put on the second coat there was no heaviness left on my nails that I usually get from using a second coat from other brands. Now if you look below you will see for yourself just how beautiful and shiny each color really is.
This is a beautiful glittery silver color, it gives a perfect glitter look on top of any Adoree nail polish color with just one coat or by itself with just two coats but what I really love about this polish is the glitter isn't to rough and it doesn't rub your fingers raw when trying to remove it, it simply comes off with a couple swipes with a cotton ball or remover pad. This is the color Stardust White #153

Out of all six this one was my favorite, it is a gorgeous dark blue color with a lot of shine to it. Let me tell you I am a compete nail polish junky and I have a TON of blue polishes but this is the one and only true blue color I have in my collection. This is the color Habour Blue #162

Since Halloween is coming up in a couple weeks it's time to get your costumes and accessories ready but no costume is really complete without some nails that will pop out even in the dark, that's where this orange comes in. This color is a neon orange color that is neither to dark or bright and will look perfect for any outfit you or your kids are rocking on Halloween. This is the color Neon Orange #157

When I think of a baby doll pink color this is the exact color that pops into my head, it is soft pink that will look perfect with any outfit you are wearing including workout clothes or dressing up for a night out on the town, it's all up to you. This is the color Fashion Pink #178 

This is another glittery color but instead this one is in a hard green look, I will defiantly be rocking this color on my Christmas Eve party with all my family and friends add a little bit of red with this one and you've got nails people will be talking about all year long, and it's all thanks to Adoree! This is the color Reef Green #250

This is a standard black color but what is unique about this one is the formula it's made out of, instead of drying out like most black polishes do after you pop the lid this one has stayed shiny, black and beautiful ever since I opened it and I don't see that changing for months to come. This is the color Space Black #195

Which one is your favorite??
Adoree offers hundreds of nail polish colors that range from bold colors all the way to light girly color that you cant find anywhere else, Adoree sells for $5-8 depending on where you go to buy them, I personally like to buy my nail polishes at Esther's Nail Center and the link to that website is plus they are only $5 a piece (: but don't forget you can also go to Adoree's website to look at all the wonderful colors they offer ( ).  While your there dont forget to check out their nail art pens and top coats. I hope you have enjoyed reading about Adoree and much as I enjoyed telling you about them and I hope to bring you more shades in the future.
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  1. They are and they don't even start to chip until after a week (: