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Fudge Urban Review

Fudge Urban Review
Up until a few weeks ago I always thought of hair styling products as coming in one scent, NASTY!! But now I've been introduced to a little company called Fudge Urban, they are a company that offers hair care/styling products for him and for her in interesting and yummy scents such as Raspberry & Vanilla, seriously you guys Urban Fudge's products smell good enough to eat, although I would advice you not to (: I got the products Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hairspray, Dry Shampoo, Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Styling Mousse and Iced Coconut Cocktail Hairspray to try out and I have never left my bathroom after styling my hair with products and been so pleased with the outcome, not only did the scent last on my hair all day long but my hair also actually stayed up in any style I decided to go with that day until I took it down.
·Anti-frizz mousse with strong hold
·Conditioning base for a smooth, sleek look
·Update your style with confidence
·Seal loose ends & protect from the heat
·Prevents dry-outs from excessive blow drying
·Hold factor = 5/10
·Spray to finished styles for a natural feel
·Control your style with anti-frizz
·Hold factor = 6/10
·Keeps your hair in place for 24 hours
·Seal loose ends & keeps your locks smooth

·Revitalises locks when you’re short on time
·Hit the roots & brush through to remove powder
·Hold Factor = 1/10
·Special micro powders get rid of dirt and oils
·Boost & refresh your style on the move

·Concentrated hairspray for maximum effect
·Spray evenly over finished style for maximum hold
·Hold factor = 9/10
·Super strong 48-hour hold
·Apply to un-styled dry hair for added texture & control

Out of all four of these products I would have to say that the Dry Shampoo worked the best for me, everyone knows I have naturally oily hair but just giving it that clean look isn't what I love about this product, I actually love the fact that is doesn't leave any of that nasty white powder behind that most dry shampoos do. After I use my dry shampoo then I alternate between the two hairsprays by which scent I am wanting for that day, both offer great stability and adds texture to my hair. And as far as the mousse goes, well it's AMAZING I don't use it much but when I do get the urge to scrunch my hair my Urban Fudge mousse gets the job done and with no trouble at all!! If you live within the USA you can find Fudge Urban products at most Targets so be sure to check yours, but if you live outside the USA be sure to check their website for the closet location to you. I hope you have enjoyed reading about Fudge Urban and I hope you enjoy their products as much as I do(:
P.S. Fudge Urban also offers hair chalk so remember that for Halloween!

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