Sunday, October 12, 2014

Barielle Review - Part 2

Barielle Review - Part 2
So I hope by now all of you have read my post of the Barielle Nail Polish well today I will be sharing with you guys the Fall Collection. Before I show you the pictures of this collection I would like to tell you that this is by far my favorite collection out of all of them, each color is very unique and glides on so smoothly and on top of that the nail polish lasted on my nails ( with top coat ) for almost two weeks without chipping! Each set of nail polish includes five different colors for only $25.00 or you can choose between the hundreds of individual colors they offer for only $8.00 a bottle. Now on to the pictures...
Moda Bleu
A creamy dark navy/purple

Soho At Night
A creamy grape purple

Berry Posh
A creamy deep fuchsia

Boho Chic
A creamy deep sea green

Taupe Notch
A creamy dark taupe

Vintage Gown
 A creamy rust with a hint of pink
Out of all these colors I would have to say my that Boho Chic has to be my favorite, it is such a beautiful green that is unlike any other I have ever seen it's defiantly a color any nail polish lover needs in their collection. They come in a .45 oz. bottle that will be sure to last you a very long time. Barielle is a brand of polish that is very light feeling on your nails even after the second coat you cant even feel the polish, which is what a true nail polish lover looks for in a polish. I hope I have given you the information you needed to give Barielle a chance, I know if you try them you will never go back to another brand (:
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