Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bioken ENFANTI Natural Remedy Review and Giveaway

Bioken ENFANTI Natural Remedy Review and Giveaway
If there is one thing that I take care of most its my hair, I've always been one to buy a new hair product every time I go shopping and yes I've found some I liked but none I absolutely fell in love with until I found ENFANTI Natural Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner by Bioken. This shampoo and conditioner has such an amazing feeling and smell to it, I use about a quarter size amount of the shampoo massage it into my hair wait around three minutes and wash it out then use just a little bit of conditioner because my hair is so thin if I use to much it will come out oily then massage it in just like the shampoo and wash it out, once I get out and blow dry my hair ENFANTI Natural Remedy leaves it so soft and shiny! It makes it so easy for me to style my hair once its dry, all I do is run my straightener threw it a couple times and I have gorgeous hair all day long. And the smell is like something iv never found in a shampoo and conditioner its kind of like soft mint smell. Bioken ENFANTI Natural Remedy offers many more benefits than other leading brands such as
- Sulfate Free
- Cools and refreshes the scalp
- Moisturizing deep cleanser
- Helps to prevent hair loss
- Safe, gentle and affective
- Natural Antiseptic & Color Safe

* Bioken ENFANTI Natural Remedy Tea Tree Shampoo: Provides long lasting relief from itchy and flaking, that also stimulates the scalp to help promote healthy hair. Their special Tea Tree blend is fused with natural antiseptic herbs and therapeutic botanicals, that helps alleviate dry and flaking scalp. ENFANTI Tea Tree Shampoo will leave your hair clean, shiny, moisturized and healthy.

* Bioken ENFANTI Natural Remedy Tea Tree Conditioner: Restores your dry, brittle and tired hair. Fortified with the unique combination of tee tree oil and other herbal extracts, is infused with gentle, balanced and ideal healing healing technology. ENFANTI Tea Tree Conditioner smoothes and softens a flaky and irritate scalp. Tea Tree Conditioner repairs your damaged hair by rebuilding them into their most balanced state and maintaining hair your hair at its perfectly perk condition. Infuse the gentleness found in nature into your hair with ENFANTI's naturally antiseptic and organic herbal conditioner.  

Make sure to check at your local salon for Bioken ENFANTI Natural Remedy or go to their website

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*** Bioken has offered to giveaway one winner a set of shampoo and conditioner just like I received, All you have to do is enter below! This giveaway is open to only US and sorry every one no PO boxes. Good Luck ***
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  1. Never heard of it, but it will be next on my products to review/try! :)

  2. awesome! heard great reviews about this product but I have never tried this because is kind of hard to find in my stores! would love to win this!

  3. thank you so much for this! would love to try it