Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tillamook Country Smoker Teriyaki All Natural Beef Jerky Review

Tillamook Country Smoker Teriyaki All Natural Beef Jerky Review

As you know from my other review my family and I are nuts for beef jerky and we have finally found a brand that everyone in the household loves which is Tillamook Country Smoker. I can not express enough how great their beef jerky is, I can honestly say their is no other jerky out their that can even come close to the deliciousness of  Tillamook Country Smoker. Tillamook is a company that reaches back over 50 years and you would know why with just one taste of their jerky. Most company's these days just offer beef jerky to their customers but not Tillamook they offer Beef Jerky, Beef Steak Nuggets, Meat Sticks, Sausage, Nuts and Jerky Gear, with them offering so many different styles and flavors I don't see anyone in your family not being able to find the products to fit their cravings. 

I received a few bags of Tillamook Country Smoker Teriyaki All Natural Beef Jerky to review and I will start out by telling you the first thing I noticed when I ripped the top of the bag off was another seal inside the bag that you had to open by hand, I personally found that to be safe, even if your bag accidently opens you wont have to worry about your jerky drying out. The second thing I noticed was the smell of the jerky, you could really tell how amazing it was going to taste just by smelling in, also I found the color of the jerky to be the perfect color for beef jerky it wasn't like other brands were the jerky is too dark, just by looking at the jerky you could tell how soft it was going to be. Once I bit into my jerky my teeth went right threw the jerky, it didn't have any of those nasty hard chunks to get in the way. I will be continuing to go to Tillamook Country Smoker for all my future jerky needs. You will be able to find Teriyaki All Natural Beef Jerky on their website for only $4.00 for a 3 oz. bag.

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