Friday, July 25, 2014

Kernel Season's Review

Kernel Season's Review

Who doesn't love sitting down in the afternoon with a movie and a big bowl of popcorn, I know I do, but sometimes eating the same butter flavor can get old real fast. That's where Kernel Season's come in, they have such a huge verity of popcorn seasoning flavors you will look forward to coming home to that bowl of popcorn again.

Kernel Season's comes in 12 different of flavors,
- Bacon Cheddar
- Buffalo Wing
- Butter
- Carmel
- Cheesy Jalapeno
- Garlic Parmesan
- Kettle Corn
- Milk Chocolate Carmel
- Nacho Cheddar
- Popcorn Salt
- Ranch
- White Cheddar
You can purchase each of these seasonings on their website for only $3.99 or you can check at your local Wal-Mart. I would personally recommend buying one of each of the seasonings up front because once you try the first one your going to fall in love with it, and head right back to the store to get the rest of the flavors!

Not only are Kernel Season's the perfect topping to your popcorn but you can also add them to many different foods, either it be adding it into the food before you cook it or add sprinkle some on top after the food is done. I personally loved adding the Ranch Seasoning into my hamburger mix before cooking them, it gave the hamburgers an extra kick of flavor. If you would like to look at the huge list of Kernel Season's recipes then just follow the link but done forget to add them to your recipe book so you wont forget them. Once you try your Kernel Season's come back and let me know what creative things you made with them.

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