Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Smith Island Baking Company Review

Smith Island Baking Company Review
Have you ever been searching for a delicious cake but didn't know where to go? I know that's happened to me plenty of times, I always get worried if the cake will taste good or be fresh but now with Smith Island Cake my worries are over. They are a company that guarantees that your cake will be delivered fresh they always ship their cakes out the day it is cooked and ship it by 2 day air. You can find Smith Island Cake in 9 different flavors such as,
- Original Chocolate
- Lemon Crème
- Strawberry and Crème
- Cooked Coconut
- Pumpkin Spice
- Double Chocolate
- Red Velvet
- Double Chocolate Raspberry
- Chocolate and Peanut Butter
I received the Original Chocolate cake and when I first opened the box my cake was in the first thing that came to mind was this smells and looks absolutely amazing, I immediate took my pictures and then cut me slice of it. From the first bit I was in love with Smith Island Cakes, I had never tasted anything like it in my life. Its made with 10 layers of yellow cake mix and in between those layers was chocolate icing, I'm one of those people that loves eating sweets but can never eat to much of them because their usually to sweet but not this the icing and the cake was just right not to sweet but yet not to dull. You can buy this for only $37.00 on their website http://smithislandcake.com/traditional-smith-island-cakes I also received a cake pan to store it in and it is so handy and decorative sitting on my counter with the cake in it, They come in both 6 in. for $5.00 and 9in. for $8.00 and you can find these at http://smithislandcake.com/merchandise I hope that you choose Smith Islands Cakes the next time your throwing a party or just craving some cake, You wont be disappointed!

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