Friday, July 25, 2014

eraclea Ageless Protection SPF30 Review

eraclea Ageless Protection SPF30 Review

Everyone gets so excited when summer approaches but it can come with consequences such as getting sun burn every time you walk outside. Take myself for example I have really light skin so every time I start to tan it immediately turns from tan to red and starts to peel off. Ever since I started using eraclea Ageless Protection with SPF30 on my face I haven't had any problems with the sun, plus it gives my face all the hydration it needs. What else can you ask for from a product then something that fights against sun damage and helps fight age spots from popping up. I have noticed a huge change in the way my face looks and feels ever since I started using  eraclea's  Ageless Protection, every day when I reapply Ageless Protection I can tell that my face is becoming more and more soft! You can purchase Ageless Protection SPF30 on their website for only $40.00, think about it what is $40.00 compared to having beautiful healthy skin!

Information on eraclea Ageless Protection SPF30:
Ageless Protection SPF 30 is a moisturizing sunscreen, designed to hydrate your face while protecting it from sun damage. It replenishes lost moisture while giving you superior protection from damaging UVA/UVB rays that can cause hyperpigmentation, skin cancer and premature aging. Ageless Protection is also a great companion for skin that has recently undergone microdermabrasion, chemical or glycolic peels and laser treatments. Its lightweight formula can be used either alone or under makeup and is appropriate for all skin types.

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