Friday, July 11, 2014

Fair Self Tanning Lotion by Fake Bake Review

Fair Self Tanning Lotion by Fake Bake Review

Isn't summer suppose to make you tan without having to apply anything to your skin? Yes, Well if your like me I have very fair skin and if I go outside for just 10 minutes I will completely turn red and then it starts to peel so getting a tan is very hard. Thanks to Fake Bake's Fair Self Tanning Lotion for helping me get that perfect tan iv always dreamed of, their Self Tanning Lotion easily applies to all parts of your body without leaving any streaks behind and it comes with a pair of gloves so you don't have to worry about anything getting under our finger nails or your hands being darker from having more on it from rubbing it on your body. I absolutely love the color Fair Self Tanning Lotion gave my skin, once I started applying it I could notice a change in color in my skin as soon as it was on. Fair Self Tanning Lotion is perfect for all skin types and allows you build up the color you desire over time without making the mistake of going to dark and being stuck with it all summer long.  I personally love the fact that I can get the perfect tan color without having to waste all that money going to the tanning salon and exposing my skin to those harmful tanning beds. You can purchase Fair Self Tanning Lotion for only $29.95 on their website Just imagine how much money you will save buying Fair Self Tanning Lotion rather than spending hundreds at the tanning salon. Fake Bake is the one and only way to go when getting that perfect tan!

Benefits of Fair Self Tanning Lotion:
- A revolutionary self tanning lotion
- The most affective tanning lotion on the market
- Unique color formula guide that shows where it goes
- Fastest way to get a fantastic tan
- Tans instantly as you apply
- A perfect, even tan every time
- Includes a special applicator glove

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