Wednesday, July 9, 2014

iLeesh Review

iLeesh Review

So as all of you know from my previous reviews I have three little puppies and let me tell you they are a hand full. There are so many things that I love about my puppies but trying to keep them all together outside isn't one of them, I always keep my puppy Maddie on a leash because she likes to run off and chase the neighbors dogs, but I feel that is so unfair because a regular leash is only a few feet long that's not enough room for any dog to be able to do their business or just run around. Thanks to iLeesh my problem as well as hers is solved, iLeesh is a retractable leash that allows your pup to run to run up to 15 feet but if you feel they are getting to far away from you there is a button on top you can push that automatically stops the iLeesh so they cant go any further.

iLeesh comes in a variety of colors such as blue, fuchsia and black also they have iLeesh in size medium and large so they will be able to have the perfect amount of room to run depending on your pups size. You can purchase iLeesh on their website for only $24.99. Not only can you purchase leashes from iLeesh you can get shirts, decals, mouse pads, ect. I will never go back to any other kind of leach, and I am positive you wont neither once you try iLeesh, They making walkng your dogs fun again. I want to personally thank iLeesh for putting the enjoyment back into walking my puppies!

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