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KISS Review

KISS Review
I recently had the privilege to try Kiss products and write a review about them, Let me start off by saying I absolutely love Kiss Nail products, I don't have a single complaint about any of the products I tried out. I've always been one to keep my nails looking perfect day and night  but sometimes its hard to keep them perfect without the right materials or with products that come off in a matter of hours but thanks to Kiss Nails I now have salon perfect nails without having to pay those high salon prices. Now my nails look the prettiest they ever have and I can enjoy them for weeks without having to change the look up because of chipping or cracking. 

Just when I thought KISS nails was simply amazing they bumped it up a notch with KISS GEL FANTASY, They give you that perfect manicure look right there in the enjoyment of your own home. I have always enjoyed wearing glitter on my nails but I hate having to take it off it feels as if your ripping your nail right out but that's where GEL FANTASY comes a verity of 8 ready to wear gel designs and short and medium sizes to give everyone out there the design they will love and taking them off isn't a problem at all and its painless. You can purchase these at Walgreens, Rite Aid and K-Marts nationwide and for the low price of $7.99.
*Benefits of KISS GEL FANTASY:
 - Wear up to 7 days with glue or with adhesive tabs, your choice!
- Unique multidimensional embellishments unachievable at home or in a salon
- Lustrous, gel shine with pre-applied, pre-cured top gel, NO LED lamp required
- Perfect application of glitter and ombre on every nail
- Soak-off or peel-off; quicker and easier than removing glitter polish

The KISS SALON SECRETS NAIL ART STARTER KIT has everything you could want to create the most prettiest/funky nails such as 3 nail art brushes, dotting tool, foil tape, pre-cut nail art sheet and design decals, faux rhinestone sticker sheet and charms, 6 HD glitter sheets and a pro design guide so you can get ideas for designs. I personally think this kit is the perfect thing for all ages rather your just starting off doing nails or your a pro at it plus it's a great idea for party gifts. I can think of so many different designs I can put together with KISS SALON SECRETS NAIL ART STARTER KIT and imagine the time you will save by doing them yourself. You can purchase this at any Walgreens and CVS nationwide for only $9.99, Just imagine how much you will save by buying this kit instead of buying the products individually.
- Salon-inspired nail art kit with at home convenience
- Design booklet with step-by-step directions from Professional Nail Artist- including Gina Edward, Patricia Yankee and Masako Sasaki
- Largest assortment of different art components
- Can be used with imPRESS Press-On Manicure or your favorite color polish

Have you ever wanted to get a manicure but have been afraid of the outcome of the look? If so, your just like me! imPRESS press-on nails are perfect for everyone who wants the look and feel of a perfect manicure. imPRESS is the easiest press-on nail nails on the market all you do is peel off, press on and your own your way to looking and feeling the best you ever have. These are available in over 40 colors and patterns. You can purchase imPRESS press-on nails at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart and K-Mart stores nationwide for only $7.99.
*Benefits of imPRESS Press-On Nails:
- Peel Off, Press On
- No drying time, No mess
- Rivals the best gel polish
- Wont damage nails
- Last up to 1 week

Not only does KISS make all the nail products you could ever want but they also make lashes, now your eyes will look just as great as your nails do. KISS Lashes apply in a matter of seconds and are proven to look natural, I personally found that these lashes are so beautiful and make your eyes pop once you apply your makeup. These are avalible in various colors and sold at Walgreens and CVS nationwide for only $3.99 a pack.
- Easy to apply
- Easy to remove
- Can trim the lashes to fit your personality

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