Wednesday, July 23, 2014

United Scents of America Review

United Scents of America Review

Wouldn't it be cool to have a perfume to match the state you live in? Well now you can with United Scents of America, they offer perfumes in many different scents such as,
- New Jersey: Top: fresh buttered popcorn,Heart: cotton candy, caramel & coconut, Bottom: vanilla extract, peach, patchouli
- New York: Top: apple, violet, ozone, melon, cortland apple, lime zest, cyclamen & rosewood, Heart: jasmine, basil & lily, Bottom: peach & kiwi
- Texas: Top: ruby red orange, Heart: red cedar,Bottom: white musk,cedar leaf & amber
- Florida: Top: fresh ozone, florida orange & grapefruit, ocean breeze & key lime, Heart: jasmine, violet, rose & melon, Bottom: sandalwood, rosewood, white musk, peaches & orange flower oil
- California: Top: fresh cut coconut, Heart: eucalyptus, Bottom: vanilla bean
- Massachusetts: Top: bergamot, sage, lemon zest,Heart: tart cranberry, jasmine, Bottom: white musk, northern red oak, tobacco leaf
- Hawaii: Top: pink plumeria, night-blooming jasmine, Heart: golden pineapple, papaya, Bottom: sweet coconut palm

These seven different scents smell simply amazing, each scent smells completely different than the others and has such a unique scent to it. It was so hard to pick a favorite but if I had to it would have to be the Hawaii scent, it offers a soft scent of flavors and fruit, it's something you can wear on a everyday basis either it be going to the store or a night out with the girls. I had such a wonderful time going threw the different perfumes and trying them all out, I know you would have a great time as well. Just imagine pulling the scent out of your purse that matches your state, no one else would have the same kind. You can purchase these full size bottles on their website for $44.00 or you can purchase the same set that I received for only $12.00, that way you can find your favorite scent then go back and buy the full size.

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