Wednesday, July 30, 2014

HuckleBee Hollow Review

HuckleBee Hollow Review

Have you ever heard of HuckleBee Hollow? If not, you have been missing out on the best smelling and most moisturizing whipped body butter out there. HuckleBee Hollow is a company that offers unique baby shower favors which are personalized for your special event. Everyone can throw an ordinary baby shower but with HuckleBee Hollow's products it will be a baby shower to remember. But not only do they offer them for baby showers they also offer bridal shower favors, birthday party favors, inspirational body butters and more! They offer a huge selection of different scents of whipped body butter that you can find on their etsy page for only $12.50. I received two different body butters Vanilla Buttercunch and It Most Be Love, I can really not express enough just how much I am in love with the Vanilla Buttercrunch, never in my life how I smelt something so amazing and sweet. It has the perfect combination of Vanilla and Buttercrunch! Every woman out there is constantly searching for that perfect body butter that smells great and actually moisturizes your skin, my search is finally over with HuckleBee Hollow. After I rub about a dime size amount onto my hands I continue to smell and feel good all day long.

HuckleBee Hollow Sudsy Shower Gel comes in Pink Sugar Pop and let me start with telling you there is no other body wash out there that will smell and feel just as great as Pink Sugar Pop. I don't know about you but when I search for a new body wash I want one that not only smells good out of the bottle but I want to smell it on my skin after I get out of the shower and up until now I haven't been able to have that. HuckleBee Hollow Sudsy Shower Gel will leave your entire body smelling great all day long, or you choose to set it on your bathroom sink and use it to wash your hand, either way you will be smelling irresistible all day and night. You can purchase 2-4oz bottles for only $13.00 at

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  1. Thank you for the great review, Jessie! So glad you liked my products :)