Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jimmy's Sticky Jerky Review

Jimmy's Sticky Jerky Review

I recently had the privilege to try a couple of different flavors of beef jerky from Jimmy's Sticky Jerky. I have to start off by saying I absolutely love them, you know how most beef jerky is really hard and full of fat, well not Jimmy's Sticky Jerky every bit was so juicy and full of flavor. Jimmy's Beef Jerky isn't your normal beef jerky there's going beyond anything you could ever imagine tasting, it was a lot thicker than any other kind I've tasted before and I will admit I was a little on the scared side to try it because I thought it would be to tough for me to chew but I was completely wrong it was the softest jerky I've ever tried and every bit was as good as the last, full of flavor and delicious. I received two different flavors from Jimmy's which were "Sweet" Beef Jerky and Black Pepper Jerky, each of the flavors have a completely different taste to them which what I love so much, I personally would rather have jerky where every bag tasted different instead of everything tasting the same. I would have to say that Black Pepper Jerky is my favorite, it has just the right amount of hotness to it and the black pepper wasn't those hard pieces that most brands are Jimmy's black pepper pieces were actually chewable and so yummy! You can purchase Jimmy's Beef Jerky on their website for only $6.99 a bag.

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