Friday, July 18, 2014

La-tweeze Review

La-tweeze Review

I will admit I look at my face in a magnifying mirror way to much, but I'm always looking for something that needs fixing so needless to say I pluck my eyebrows at least once a day because I always see these little hairs that don't need to be there. I never knew how easy it was to pluck my eyebrows until I did it with La-tweeze tweezers, used too I would leave little scabs from having to dig at those small hairs but not with La-tweeze, their tweezers are made with just the right amount of sharpness and gets every hair that needs to come out, even those tough little ones. La-tweeze tweezers come with a LED light so you will be able to see just where you are plucking, yes that's right no more just guessing if you've got ahold of the right hair because there is not enough light in the room. I don't know if its just me or if its easier for everyone to pluck their eyebrows this way but I personally wait until it gets dark and have the light off so when I use my magnifying mirror and the LED light on the tweezers I can see every hair around my eyebrows.

I received a total of three different colors of La-tweeze tweezers but as you can see in the picture below heir are only two colors well that's because my mom happened to try out the tweezers one day and she absolutely fell in love with them and wouldn't put them down so I had no choice but to give her a pair, that right there shows how amazing they work. Each set of La-tweeze tweezers comes with a set of tweezers and a carrying case with a mirror that the tweezers fit snug in so you wont have to worry about them getting damaged in your purse or luggage. 

*Benefits of La-tweeze:
- Crafted from the finest stainless steel with perfectly aligned tips
- Ultra bright LED light for great visibility
- Chic carrying case with built in magnifying mirror

You can find all the different colors and products from La-tweeze on their website and you can purchase a set of your own on amazon for only $27.89 + FREE SHIPPING!

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  1. Great review1 That is a pretty neat product. I would have never heard of it until I read your blog with review. Thanks for the info!

  2. awesome product! Never saw those kind of tweezers before