Saturday, June 21, 2014

Andean Dream Review

Andean Dream Review
I must admit I have been one to always turn down a food that made Gluten free because im always afraid it will taste different, But I am so glad I had the chance to try Andean Dream cookies. If you covered your eyes and tasted one Andean Dream cookie and a non gluten free brand you wouldn't even be able to taste the difference, What makes me love them so much is that they have a great taste and are so much more healthier for you. I personally admire company's that sell gluten free snacks and foods, That shows how much they care about the health of their customers. They offer a verity of 6 different flavors of their cookies such as Orange Essence, Chocolate Chip, Cocoa Orange, Raisins and Spice, Coconut and Coffee. These are Gluten Free, No Trans Fat and No Cholesterol. Not only do they make cookies they also make Andean Dream Quinoa Pasta in the different styles of Quinoa Spaghetti, Quinoa Fusilli, Quinoa Macaroni and Quinoa Shells. Each one  of these are perfect to add into any meal, I personally loved my Spaghetti noodles with a little sauce poured over them. Each one of these noodles are Gluten Free, Organic, Kosher and Corn Free and made only with Organic Royal Quinoa and Rice Flour. Oh that's not all they make, They produce Andean Dream Quinoa Soup in the two flavors Vegetarian Quinoa Noodle Soup and Tomato Quinoa Noodle Soup. Each one is made Gluten & Corn Free and Vegan. So next time your at the store think about this, 'Do I want to purchase something that is high in fat and could be bad for my family' or do I want to purchase some Andean Dream. I think you will make the right decision.

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