Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Doggie Lawn Review!

Doggie Lawn Review!
The doggie lawn is the best way for your pets to be able to go to the bathroom when ever they want to without you having to walk them or having to clean up a mess. The doggie lawn is perfect for all ages of dogs from puppies to mature size dogs.. Mine are puppies and when I first opened the box and tried to show them what is was used for they were scared to go near it but after I picked them up and sat them in it they got used to it and wasn't scared anymore. It took my puppies about an hour to actually use to the bathroom on it but I think the fast that it actually smells like grass drew them in to it, I don't think I will be waking up and having walk my little ones any more. The best way to train your pups on the Doggie Lawn is to put it in a familiar location where your pup has been used to going, Such as replace your puppy pads with the doggie lawn. Also be consistent with your pups whenever your used to taking them outside during the day try taking them over to their doggie lawn such as in the morning when their bladder is first full and don't forget to reward them with treats after they use it. Make sure you watch your little pups so that they don't want to lay down or dig in the doggie lawn which they might want to do within the first week. If your dog doesn't seem to want to use to the doggie lawn try using a scent that is familiar with your pup such as its urine or another puppies in the houses urine, That way he/she will know what the doggie lawn is their for. I personally LOVE my Doggie Lawn and my puppies do as well, so go buy you one for your little pup I know you will love them as much as I do.

*If you would like to purchase your own Doggie Lawn than Subscribe today at http://www.doggielawn.com/ You can choose to get it delivered once a month for $28.00 or twice a month for $48.00(save over 14%) that's for a small puppy if you have a bigger dog you will need the $39.00 for one month or twice a month for $60.00(Starting Price)(Save over 15%) And if for some reason you don't like your Doggie Lawn you can cancel your subscription at any time.*

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