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Elysee Review

Elysee Review
Elysee is the one stop shop for all makeup and skin care products. I am so glad I had the chance to review their products, I have absolutely fell in love with them. It is so easy to find what you are looking for on their website and their prices are incredibly reasonable. I was lucky enough to have the chance to review their On Camera Soft Lens Special Treatment Concealer, A-Fluid Skin Toner and LuminAcai Youth Recovery Body Butter below I will tell you about each product.

 *On Camera Soft Lens Special Treatment Concealer-
I don't know about you but I am always looking for new makeup and the hardest product to find that actually works the way you want it is concealer, But my search is over ever since I tried Elysee concealer I haven't gone a day without it. It feel so smooth going onto your face and it goes across your face so evenly. The On Camera Soft Lens Special Treatment Concealer comes in three different colors Nude (Light), Cameo (Medium) and Mimosa Rose that way everyone has that perfect color you've been looking for. You can purchase this for only $15.00 on their website

*A-Fluid Skin Toner-
If you've read my older blog review then you know I have an oily face, Expecially when I wake up in the mornings and no matter what I do I cant seem to wake up without my face being like that. But ever since iv tried A-Fluid Skin Toner the oil has seem to tone done a lot, Every morning when I wake up I grab a cotton ball and squirt the skin toner on the rub it onto my face it takes the rest of the oil away not to mention leaving my face feeling and looking beautiful. After you use the toner all you have to do is follow up with a moisturizer, You can buy A-Fluid Skin Toner for only $16.00 at

*LuminAcai Youth Recovery Body Butter-
Aside from makeup I am always picking up a new body butter or lotion when I go to the store, Well iv learned if you want the best body butter out there then its not at any store its on Elysee. You cant even imagine how soft this body butter is until you feel it on your body and it moisturizes longer than anything iv ever tried in the past. What else can you ask for than a unbelievably soft body butter, So what are you waiting for go on over to their website and purchase this for only $38.50

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