Sunday, June 29, 2014

SexyPop Popcorn review


SexyPop Popcorn review
Have you ever heard of SexyPop Popcorn? If not, You've been missing out. They have the best tasting popcorn around, I have never tasted a popcorn that tasted so fresh and every kernel in the bag was popped so you don't have to worry about anything getting stuck in your teeth. In my house we eat a lot of snack food and its not always easy to find a good tasting snack that's actually low in fat well that's where SexyPop popcorn comes in its only 70 calories per bag, and they come in .1/2 bags so they are the perfect size to put in your kids lunch boxes. Not only are they low in calories they are also made with only finest ingredients and are,
•GMO Free
•Cholesterol Free
•Gluten Free
•Zero Trans Fat
SexyPop popcorn comes in a verity of six different flavors Bangin' Cheddar, Black Pepper, Brazilian Coconut, Lightly Salted, French Butter and Bodacious Banana. Out of all the flavors they have I didn't taste one I didn't like, They each have unique taste to them and have just the right amout of seasonings. I will admit I did choose a favorite flavor and that is Bangin' Cheddar its so good, Each piece in the bag had cheddar on it so it made each bite perfect. You can purchase SexyPop for only $9.25 and that includes 5 bags on their website

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