Friday, June 13, 2014

CreaClip Review!

CreaClip Review!
Are you always having trouble cutting kids hair or even your own? Either it be because the kids wont stop moving or maybe because you don't have a steady hand well if that describes you than the CreaClip is here to help. The CreaClip comes in two different sizes one large clip and one small clip, Iv personally found that the small clip works wonders at cutting my bangs and my bangs are layered so I cant cut them free hand but with CreaClip I just place it on rotate the level and cut once I remove the clip it looks just like I just left the salon. The large CreaClip works great at cutting backs of your hair or putting layers back in it, Yes that's right you can have those lost layers you loved so much without having to spend salon prices. Both CreaClips come with teeth inside the clip that evenly combs and distributes every hair, locks at the end that secure the clip in place and a rotating level for getting precise cuts every time. I don't know about you but for me I used to get my hair cut once a month and it cost around thirty dollars each time times twelve months a year is three hundred sixty dollars OR you can purchase the CreaClip for only $29.99 at and if you order $60.00 or more you will get free shipping. Also they have a warehouse located in the UK I will deffianly be a continued user of the CreaClip, Will You?

*Benefits of the CreaClip
-Its easy to maintain just clip, slid and cut.
-Maintain your own hair in the convenience of your own home.
-Great for the whole family.
-Saves time and money.

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