Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Vintage Bee Review!

Vintage Bee Review!
If your looking for the best tasting and best priced honey around then stop searching because iv found your answer Vintage Bee. They have any flavor you would need such as Creamed Honey, White Chocolate Almond Creamed Honey, Chocolate Mint Creamed Honey, Chocolate Creamed Honey, Raspberry Creamed Honey, Pumpkin Spice Creamed Honey, Lemon Creamed honey, Hibiscus Creamed Honey, Cinnamon Creamed Honey, Blackberry Creamed Honey, Strawberry Creamed Honey, and Spiced Apple Creamed Honey these can be purchased at http://www.vintagebee.com//our_flavors.php for only $9.50 each for an 8oz jar what a reasonable price for such a great/high quality tasting honey. I personally received the Creamed Honey, Blackberry Creamed Honey, and the Strawberry Creamed Honey to try out  and my favorite is the Strawberry Creamed Honey the taste of the strawberry's is so strong just how I love it and it goes great it the morning on my toast and biscuits. You know what else makes this my favorite honey around its USA made and its 100% natural and pure raw honey with whole fruit and spices, It also is made with no Dairy, Cholesterol, or Fat and is only 60 Calories per tsps. Now the Blackberry Creamed Honey is simply amazing if you love blackberry's you are not going to want to leave the website without a jar of this, You can actually taste as if they put a whole jar of blackberry's into the honey it is so yummy and goes great on bread. Last but not least is Creamed Honey which is perfect for when you are having holiday party's or just family dinners because you cant go wrong with everyone's favorite flavor which is regular, and can practically go on just about anything... I cant wait until Thanksgiving around here we love baking honey onto ham hmmmm. Now if you think you will enjoy a jar or two of this honey hurry over to their website and pick out the flavors you and your family will love best.

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