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Dogswell Review

Dogswell Review
Dogswell is an amazing company to buy foods or treats for your animals. When you go to their website you be able to find anything from Chicken & Oats dry food to Jerky Bars, I don't know about you buy I love doing all my shopping in one place.

*Dogswell's LiveFree Chicken Recipe Puppy food*
Iv got three little puppies about 13 weeks old and may I say its not always easy to find a certain puppy food that they will all eat (Yeah their a little picky) but I didn't have any problem with them all loving Dogswell LiveFree puppy food. Dogswell LiveFree puppy food has so many benefits for your furry friend such as,
- Made with Natural DigestiBites for Digestion.
- High in Poultry Protein.
- Ultra low Glycemic.
- Grain and Protein FREE.
Just because they have four legs instead of two doesn't mean they don't need all the nutrition and loving that we do, So remember that next time your buying your dogs food and remember to always read that bag first.

*Dogswell's Breathies & Breathies Minis*
Do you know how important treats are in a dogs life, for example treats can be given for good behavior or for going to the bathroom where they are suppose to and if you keep rewarding them with treats when they do something good they will continue to do it. Breathies and Breathies Minis are perfect for both small and big dog. If you have a dog or puppy then you know that their breath can be overwhelming at times but with Breathies you wont have to worry about that they are made with Mint and Parsley to take away any bad smells they may have in their mouth. Their are so many benefits from Breathies and Breathies Minis such as,
- All Natural with added Vitamin E and Chlorophyll.
- For Fresh Breath and Healthy Teeth.
- NO added Hormones.
- NO Antibiotics.
- NO Fillers.
- NO Byproducts.
- Rich in Protein.
- Digestible.
- Low in Fat.
So next time your in your local grocery store check and see if your regular brand of treats will even compare to how much better Dogswell Breathies are.

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