Friday, June 13, 2014

CreaNails Review!

CreaNails Review!
Who wishes it was easier to paint your finger nails especially with the opposite hand that you write with, Well iv found the solution its CreaNails. When you place CreaNails around your finger nails you will have salon perfect finishes every time, They come in a verity of ten different sizes and twenty six pieces to every box also they have a bonus of French strips in six popular sizes. Imagine how much you spend every month in the salon to get your nails painted, I know I spend a TON well with CreaNails you will spend $24.99 one time and you can purchase these at CreaNails are reusable all you have to do is once you place them on paint your nails, pull them off easily and use finger nail polish remover to clean them up. They also make CreaNails for kids that you can purchase for only $19.99 I know when I was a kid I would have loved to have this it would have saved so much time and money. CreaNails makes perfect gifts for any types of holidays, I will be purchasing these for the kids in my family.. Will you?  

*Benefits Of CreaNails*
-Saves time.
-Saves money.

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