Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dimples BBQ Sauce Review!

Dimples BBQ Sauce Review!
Dimples BBQ Sauce has got to be the greatest BBQ sauce iv ever tasted, Its mouth watering delicious the sweet tomatoes and tangy vinegar just gives it that one of a kind taste that everyone looks for in a BBQ Sauce. You can put Dimples on anything you grill I personally put it on my grilled chicken and 'yummy' the BBQ sauce was just right not too overpowering and not to weak. If your looking to buy this amazing sauce you can purchase it at and the prices for one bottle are $6.00, 4 bottles are $23.95, 2-64OZ bottles are $46.95 and 1 case is $65.95 You can even purchase T-shirts, Mugs and so much more. So anytime you see the logo Dimples BBQ Sauce you better grab a hand full because once you try it once you will want it all the time. Just the look and smell of dimples makes you want to grill up some chicken, after seconds of being open the entire kitchen smelt so good it unbelievable and the look is perfect you know how some brands of BBQ sauce can look really watery well not Dimples the sauce is just the right thickness to hold up and stick to the food you are cooking either it be grilled chicken or just regular BBQ. So head on over to their website and either order one bottle or an entire case either way all of it will get ate.

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