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Bling Strands Review

Bling Strands Review
Are you tired of the same old hair style day after day? I know I get tired of just straightening my hair everyday sure I could put a clip in it or a hair band but that is nothing compared to Bling Strands they give your hair that extra bling you've been missing. Bling strands offers so many different styles you could choose from such as
*Quick Color- Tinting your hair is the hottest trend on the runway right now, I don't know about you but I absolutely love having color in my hair but I don't love the fact that with perminant dye it starts to fade after about a week, If this is how you feel then Bling Strands new Quick Color is perfect for you. Quick Color goes on with just a few strokes the color against your hair and washes out with your next shampoo. You can be subtle and add a few strands of color around your face, hint at a shade underneath by your neck or be bold and do streaks of color all over. 
*Hair Feathers- How well do you actually know the quality of your hair feathers? Well with bling Strands Hair Feathers you will know as soon as you look at them that they high quality that actually surpasses anything that can be found on the market. They offer Silk Feathers, Short Feathers, Goose Feathers and Exotic Feathers.
*Bling Jewels- Get ready to rock your style for prom this spring with Bling Jewels Hair Jewelry! Your style can glow and shimmer with the hottest trend of the season! Bling Jewels hair Jewelry are set in the style with a simple touch of your flat iron and come in 10 sparkling shades, Diamond Hair Jewels,Diamond Auroa Bororealis hair Jewels,Pink Topaz Hair Jewels,Aquamarine hair Jewels,Sapphire hair Jewels,Black Diamond Hair jewels,Amethyst Hair Jewels,Light Amethyst hair Jewels,Red hair Jewels and Smokey Topaz hair Jewels.
*Hair Extensions- I don't know about you but with but with all these major stars starting to add hot color to their hair iv been tempted to try it, but then again who who isn’t tempted to try just a little flash of color to their style at one point or another?  Give your hair a flash of bright blue, red, hot pink, or even purple without the major investment and damage of processing. So go ahead and check out their selection of 16 colors.  Each package contains 10 extensions. They also have a rainbow package of 24 extensions that contains 2 extensions of each of their most popular colors.
*Glitter Tattoos- Everything that glitters isn’t just gold! It’s you, with your new glitter tattoo!  It’s amazing the fun you can have when you let your creative side loose with temporary tattoos done with glitter. Designs range from gorgeous and elaborate to simple statement pieces and can be worn on shoulders, upper arms, ankles upper chest and any other please you want to sport a little shine. Hollywood has even sported this looked on shows like Dancing With The Stars and teens everywhere are showing their sparkles. A peek-a-boo tattoo is so flirty and fun, who can resist. The best part is that they are simple to do, inexpensive, long wearing and easy to remove when the time suits.
*Bling strands- Anytime you want to add just a little more excitement to your look, head on over to Bling Strands! They have everything you need to go from ordinary to extraordinary in seconds!  From a pop of color to sparkles form head to toe we have what it takes. My favorite way to catch the light anywhere is with a few strands of Bling tied into your hair style. They offer 16 different styles so you will have a color to match every outfit.
So now that you know all the different styles you could add into your hair, Hurry over to their website and start picking out your favorites.

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