Friday, June 20, 2014

SwiPets Review

SwiPets Review
Let me start out by saying iv got three puppies and a cat so needless to say that theres a lot d shedding going on, I am constantly vacuuming my floors or sweeping but that just isn't enough to pick it all up. Now I have SwiPets to finish up the job, I use mine to wipe down all my furnisher and work out equipment but there are so many more places that the glove can reach that other cleaning products cant reach such as,
- Tufted pillows and cushions
- Cracks and corners.
- Sides and backs of seat cushions and chairs.
- Bottoms of curtains.
The SwiPets glove easy slides onto your hand and by laying your hand flat, pressing firmly on the surface you are cleaning and swiping in a circular motion you will collect all that unwanted nasty animal hair. Once the hair is collected onto your glove simply throw away all the hair, Once the glove too much dirt or dander simply throw the glove into the washer and let it air dry.  You can purchase the SwiPet at only $9.99 for 1 pack and $14.99 for a 2 pack, What an amazing price to have such a clean house. They come in multiple colors light blue, light green and solid white. 

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