Sunday, June 29, 2014

Garb2Art Review

Garb2Art Review
I have never in my life seen anything like Garb2Art, their cosmetics are
so pretty and even come with a light attached to the lid so you can see the color you are getting perfectly, Isn't that amazing? Garb2Art is packaged only in recycled materials, For example as they ship your products in painted cans which by the way are so useful in your home you can put anything in them your lip sticks, makeup brushes or like myself I use mine to hold my hair brushes on the dresser and they wrap your lips gloss and nail polish is recycled newspapers. Not only are they the only company that does this they are also helping the planet with every purchase you make!

Lip Garb by Garb2Art-
Garb2Art's Lip Garb is absolutely beautiful, It has such a sparkle to it! They offer this lip gloss with or without a mirror on it, I received one with and one without and though I love the one doesn't have one the one that does comes in so handy in situations where I get to a mirror. Say I was in the car and it was dark but I was headed somewhere where I needed a touchup I would just use my mirror that's on the lip-gloss and the light that's on it and problem solved im back to having beautiful lips. Lip Garb offers 15 different colors so everyone should be able to find that perfect color that fits them best, I received the Gary's Berries Razzberry and Boogie Pink but I am very tempted to go back and purchase the rest of the colors! You can buy these for $12.99-18.00 on their website

Nail Garb by Garb2Art-
Nail Garb offers the most gorgeous colors of nail polish that iv ever seen. Just like their other products their Nail Garb comes with a light in the lid as well but it also comes with a button on top to start the light so you can put the lid on press the light and see inside your bottle, How cool is that, Its perfect when you want to see how much you have left or see just what color your putting on. I received the color Sunday Funday Blue and I absolutely love it, It has so much sparkle in it without having to put that rough nail polish on that hurts when it comes off. It went on so easy and came off even easier leaving no blue residue behind. They offer over 20 colors of nail polish for only $7.99 each, You can purchase these on their website

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