Friday, August 8, 2014

B-Skins Review

B-Skins Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a couple products from B-Skins and I absolutely love them, I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys a good workout or just enjoys running to the store in comfortable clothes. I received a pair of Spandex Compression Shorts and a Headband both in the style British Invasion, This look is designed for both comfort and a unique look, when you put these on you will feel sexy and like no one else around you. You can either wear these Compression Shorts by their self or under a pair of shorts, maybe you feel the shorts you bought are a little too short if that's the case then these are perfect for you or maybe you need a pair for your kids to go under their sports shorts. You can find anything you might need from sports to working out for your whole family from B-Skins, they have products for boys/girls and women/men and at a very affordable price may I add.

The Compression Shorts are only $19.99 and below, and come in various styles and size. You can choose between size X-Small through X-Large with the length 6" Regular or 2.5" Spankies. These are also very stretchy will fit just about all body types no matter if your short, tall, little or bigger, you will find the perfect product for you and your family on B-Skins.

I am very picky about my headbands as well as most people are, we don't want one that's going to slide off every few minutes and mess up our hair. We want one that is going to stay in place threw whatever activity were doing, that wont be a problem with B-Skins Headbands. Once you place the headband in the place you want you wont have to worry about it sliding out until you take it out. You can find many types and designs of their headbands for $6.99-$14.99
Head on over to B-Skins website and take a look threw all their fabulous products from bottoms, tops, bras, dresses and so much more! I am positive you will find something you'll love, I know I did.

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