Sunday, August 10, 2014

Red Apple Lipstick Review

Red Apple Lipstick Review
If your a women then you will be able to find lipstick in her purse, bedroom, bathroom, and most likely kitchen. I know I keep my stash threw out the whole house just as most people do, but up until now their has been a very important lipstick missing from my collection Red Apple Lipstick.

Red Apple Lipstick is a Gluten Free, Paraben Free Lipstick That's So Creamy, So Fresh, So Moisturizing and I know once you try it you will do anything to get your hands on it again. I received two colors of lipstick Berry Blast and Petal Rebel, I fell absolutely in love with them even before I looked at the color, the case to the lipstick is made with high quality and is solid black with Red Apple Lipstick engraved in it, then after you pop the lid off you will notice right away how beautiful the color it. Once I tried on my lipstick I instantly noticed a huge change in the way my lips felt, they were 100 times softer, it was almost like I had chap stick on but with a beautiful color to it.
In my opinion Petal Rebel is the perfect color for Summer, it's both warm and has just a tint of shimmer to it and Berry Blast is more of a color for Fall.  But if your the type of person who likes to change your shade lipsticks threw out the year that's okay too because Red Apple Lipstick has a huge selection to chose from. They will have the perfect color for you, it doesn't matter your skin type or color preference they've got you covered.

As you can see in the photo above the Petal Rebel is a bit more soft than the Berry Blast which is more of a color for a night out. You will also notice how their are not any clumpy spots or dry areas on my lips. Now its time to turn head on over to Red Apple Lipstick's website and pick the color you love most and for only $23.50.
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