Monday, August 11, 2014

CocosCollection88- ETSY Shop- Review

CocosCollection88- ETSY Shop- Review

I recently had the privilege to review an item from CocosCollection88 on ETSY which was their Striped Nautical Inspired Kimono Pullover Top. Let me start off by telling y'all this is the cutest shirt I've added to my closet in a long time, it is made bigger so it flows off your body and has blue stripes in the back with a solid white front. Most shirts I've seen has the color on the front and the back solid but that's the thing with CocosCollection88 shirts, they are made so unique and unlike any other brand you'll see out there. I think their Striped Nautical Inspired Kimono Pullover Top is perfect for all ages and sizes, it doesn't matter if its for the first day of school or for you on a night out. I actually prefer a shirt that doesn't stick to your body, for one it looks much better but I can also be a lot cooler on you during the summer which is what makes this shirt so perfect.

You can find this gorgeous shirt and all of CocosCollection88 other line of clothes on her ETSY shop  for only $25.00  

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