Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Candy Japan Review

Candy Japan Review

Who doesn't love trying new products from different country's? I know I do! It doesn't matter if its clothes, food or in this case candy. I recently received a subscription box from Candy Japan, and let me tell you it was absolutely amazing opening the box and knowing I was about to try out different products I've never tried before or possibly never even seen. The way Candy Japan work is they will send you two envelopes a month full of as much Japanese candy as they can fit in there for only $25.00 a month, plus FREE shipping to the United States. In my package I received three full size packs of candy including Fizzy soda, crispy chocolate and a DIY candy presser, each product was shared by my family and myself and I didn't hear one complaint about any of the items.

Puccho Balls: Puccho is very popular in Japan. They usually come in squares with little gummies inside, and there of tons of different flavors depending on where in Japan you find them. These soda flavored Puccho Balls have a crunchy outer-shell with a chewy and sour center that makes your mouth fizzle! The package is also designed to slide, so you can keep your Puccho yummy and fresh. I personally found these to be my favorite, when you put them in your mouth at first they were hard and sweet but once you got threw them a little bit they became softer and a little bit sour.

Chocolate Shimi Corn: This wafer snack is soaked in chocolate and they really want you to know it! The package reads "shimikonda," (しみこんだ) which means "to soak." It's crispy, practically melts in your mouth and doesn't really taste like corn. Go figure. It's in the shape of a star, hence the smiley little mascot on the wrapper. These are something I suggest every family to try at least once, they are packed with a chocolate flavor but yet crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

Juu-C Kit: This is like a DIY Pez kit. It comes with pineapple and grape flavors, as well as soda flavor. It has a very nostalgic chalky texture and it's very sweet! This was the product I have never heard anything about until now, which is the point behind Candy Japan to try new and exciting products, It is a project that you and your family or friends can do together, and as a bonus when the project is over you get to eat it! All you go is mix together the different flavors with just a couple drops of water and pop out the pieces and in seconds you have delicious candy.

After seeing all the amazing products that might come in your Candy Japan subscription box I hope you've decided to purchase a box for your own, or maybe gift it to a friend on their website

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